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2022-12-20Qualities of transformative leaders in WASH: A study of gender-transformative leadership during the COVID-19 pandemicGonzalez, D; Carrard, N; Chhetri, A; Somphongbouthakanh, P; Choden, T; Halcrow, G; Budhathoki, R; Wangchuk, U; Willetts, J
2022-05-17A partnership approach to the design and use of a quantitative measure: Co-producing and piloting the WASH gender equality measure in Cambodia and NepalGonzalez, D; Abdel Sattar, R; Budhathoki, R; Carrard, N; Chase, RP; Crawford, J; Halcrow, G; Kozole, T; MacArthur, J; Nicoletti, C; Toeur, V; Basnet, MP; Chhetri, A; Gurung, H; Yadav, A; Vourchnea, P; Willetts, J
2022-01-01Supporting the poor to access sanitation: key lessons from targeted household consumer subsidies in CambodiaKohlitz, J; Lala, S; Bartell, J; Halcrow, G; Foster, T; Willetts, J
2020-01-01Reaching all in rural sanitation: experiences from inclusive programming in five countriesCarrard, N; Kohlitz, J; Soeters, S; Halcrow, G; Murta, J; Willetts, J
2018Sanitation for all: A comparative study of approaches to leaving no one behind across five countriesCarrard, N; Soeters, S; Kohlitz, J; Murta, J; Willetts, J; Halcrow, G
2014-01Sustainable Water and Sanitation Services for all in a Fast Changing World: Relying on markets to address human rights: sanitation supply chain analysis in low-density settingsGero, A; Doan Trieu, T; Mohr, SH; Rickwood, P; Halcrow, G; Willetts, JR; N/A
2013-11-01Working from strengths to assess changes in gender equalityWilletts, J; Carrard, N; Crawford, J; Rowland, C; Halcrow, G
2013-10-01A framework for exploring gender equality outcomes from WASH programmesCarrard, N; Crawford, J; Halcrow, G; Rowland, C; Willetts, J
2010-01Addressing two critical MDGs together: gender in water, sanitation and hygiene initiativesWilletts, JR; Halcrow, G; Carrard, NR; Rowland, C; Crawford, J
2010-01Working effectively with women and men in water, sanitation and hygiene programs: Learnings from research on gender outcomes from rural water, sanitation and hygiene projects in Vanuatu and FijiHalcrow, G; Rowland, C; Willetts, JR; Crawford, J; Carrard, NR
-Laying foundations for transformation: Insights from local government engagement on climate-resilient rural water services in NepalKohlitz, J; Grant, M; Budhathoki, RB; Chhetri, S; Paneru, H; Basnet, MP; Lala, S; Halcrow, G; Carrard, N; Manga, M
-Indicators to complement global monitoring of safely managed on-site sanitation to understand health risksMills, F; Foster, T; Kome, A; Munankami, R; Halcrow, G; Ndungu, A; Evans, B; Willetts, J