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2024-01-01Application of Time Synchronous Averaging in Mitigating UAV Noise and Signal Loss for Continuous Scanning Laser Doppler VibrometryMohammadi, M; Oberst, S; Halkon, BJ
2022A Numerical Study of Acoustic Radiation Forces for the Contactless Excitation of a MicrocantileverAkbarzadeh, M; Oberst, S; Sepehrirahnama, S; Chiang, YK; Halkon, BJ; Melnikov, A; Powell, DA
2018-12-24Towards laser Doppler vibrometry from unmanned aerial vehiclesHalkon, BJ; Rothberg, SJ
2017-12-01An international review of laser Doppler vibrometry: Making light work of vibration measurementRothberg, SJ; Allen, MS; Castellini, P; Di Maio, D; Dirckx, JJJ; Ewins, DJ; Halkon, BJ; Muyshondt, P; Paone, N; Ryan, T; Steger, H; Tomasini, EP; Vanlanduit, S; Vignola, JF
2017-12-01On the dynamic response of an instrumented headform for alternative mounting stiffnesses when subjected to ballistic impactsStone, BW; Harland, AR; Jones, JA; Mitchell, SR; Sherratt, PJ; Ranson, CA; Halkon, BJ
2017-09-29Restoring high accuracy to laser Doppler vibrometry measurements affected by vibration of beam steering opticsHalkon, BJ; Rothberg, SJ
2017-04-01Taking laser Doppler vibrometry off the tripod: correction of measurements affected by instrument vibrationHalkon, BJ; Rothberg, SJ
2016-01-01Table tennis and computer vision: A monocular event classifierOldham, KM; Chung, PWH; Edirisinghe, EA; Halkon, BJ
2016-01-01An explorative study into the mechanics of projectile impacts to the headStone, BW; Halkon, BJ; Harland, AR
2016A practical guide to laser Doppler vibrometry measurements directly from rotating surfacesHalkon, BJ; Rothberg, SJ
2015-01-01Advances in sports informatics researchSykora, M; Chung, PWH; Folland, JP; Halkon, BJ; Edirisinghe, EA
2014-06-03Angular (pitch and yaw) vibration measurements directly from rotors using laser vibrometryHalkon, BJ; Rothberg, SJ
2014-01-01Normal modes of a small gamelan gongPerrin, R; Elford, DP; Chalmers, L; Swallowe, GM; Moore, TR; Hamdan, S; Halkon, BJ
2014-01-01Understanding the Dynamic Behaviour of a Tennis Racket under Play ConditionsBanwell, GH; Roberts, JR; Halkon, BJ; Rothberg, SJ; Mohr, S
2013-12-01The use of rapid prototyping in the design of a customised ankle brace structure for ACL injury risk reduction: This paper explores the use of three-dimensional (3D) printing in designing a customised ankle brace structure for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury risk reductionTeng, PSP; Leong, KF; Kong, PW; Halkon, BJ; Huang, PY
2013-01-01The development of a test methodology for the determination of cricket batting helmet performance when subjected to ballistic impactsVelani, N; Harland, AR; Halkon, BJ
2012-11-01Radial vibration measurements directly from rotors using laser vibrometry: The effects of surface roughness, instrument misalignments and pseudo-vibrationRothberg, SJ; Halkon, BJ; Tirabassi, M; Pusey, C
2012-01-01Measuring the risk of sustaining injury in sport a novel approach to aid the re-design of personal protective equipmentVelani, N; Wilson, O; Halkon, BJ; Harland, AR
2006-08-01Vibration measurements using continuous scanning laser vibrometry: Advanced aspects in rotor applicationsHalkon, BJ; Rothberg, SJ
2006-02-01Rotor vibration measurements using laser doppler vibrometry: Essential post-processing for resolution of radial and pitch/yaw vibrationsHalkon, BJ; Rothberg, SJ