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2023-11-01Specialist Palliative Care and Health Care Costs at the End of Life.Kenny, P; Liu, D; Fiebig, D; Hall, J; Millican, J; Aranda, S; van Gool, K; Haywood, P
2023-07-07After-hours consultations and antibiotic prescribing for self-limiting upper respiratory tract infections in primary-care practices.Peng, Z; He, W-Q; Hayen, A; Hall, J; Liu, B
2023-06-01Marital status and hospital use in older adultsMu, C; Hall, J
2023-04-17Geographic variation in out-of-pocket costs for radiation oncology services.Liu, D; Yu, S; Webster, SB; Moradi, B; Haywood, P; Hall, J; Aranda, S; van Gool, K
2023-04Investing in health system resilience.Hall, J; Haywood, P
2023-01-01A review of inorganic contaminants in Australian marine mammals, birds and turtlesJarolimek, CV; King, JJ; Apte, SC; Hall, J; Gautam, A; Gillmore, M; Doyle, C; Kannan, K
2023Higher fees and out-of-pocket costs in radiotherapy point to a need for funding reformvan Gool, K; Hall, J; Haywood, P; Liu, D; Yu, S; Webster, SBG; Moradi, B; Aranda, S
2022-12-01Long-term consumption of ten food groups and cardiovascular mortality: A systematic review and dose response meta-analysis of prospective cohort studiesBhandari, B; Liu, Z; Lin, S; Macniven, R; Akombi-Inyang, B; Hall, J; Feng, X; Schutte, AE; Xu, X
2022-12The link between out-of-pocket costs and inequality in specialist care in Australia.Pulok, MH; van Gool, K; Hall, J
2021-11-16Paying for value: options for value-based payment reform in Australia.Wise, S; Hall, J; Haywood, P; Khana, N; Hossain, L; van Gool, K
2021-09-12Health care use in response to health shocks: Does socio-economic status matter?Fiebig, DG; van Gool, K; Hall, J; Mu, C
2021-06Does more investment in primary care improve health system performance?van Gool, K; Mu, C; Hall, J
2021-05-28Payment reform for value-based health care: challenges for AustraliaWise, S; Hall, J; Haywood, P; Nikita, K; Hussain, L; Van Gool, K
2021-05-05The impact of oncology bundled payments: What does it mean for Australia?Haywood, P; Hossain, L; Wise, S; KHANNA, N; Van Gool, K; Hall, J
2021-04-20Valuing End-of-Life Care for Older People with Advanced Cancer: Is Dying at Home Important?Kenny, P; Street, DJ; Hall, J; Agar, M; Phillips, J
2021-04Microbiology testing and antibiotic treatment for urinary tract infections in general practice: a nationwide observational study.Peng, Z; Hayen, A; Hall, J; Liu, B
2021-01-01Quality adjusted life years in the time of COVID-19Hall, J; Viney, R
2020-10-01Private finance publicly subsidized: the case of Australian health insuranceHall, J; Fiebig, DG; Van Gool, K
2020-10General practitioners' perceptions on the feasibility and acceptability of implementing a risk prediction checklist to support their end-of-life discussions in routine care: a qualitative study.Lewis, ET; Mahimbo, A; Linhart, C; Williamson, M; Morgan, M; Hammill, K; Hall, J; Cardona, M
2020-04The knowledge and attitude of Ghanaian decision-makers and researchers towards health technology assessmentAddo, R; Hall, J; Haas, M; Goodall, S