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2016Costs of children with medical complexity in Australian public hospitalsSrivastava, R; Reynolds, G; Hall, JP; Downie, J
2016Paying hospitals for quality: can we buy better care?Hall, JP; van Gool, K
2016Maynard the globe trotterHall, JP; Cookson, R; Goddard, M; Sheldon, T
2016Advance care planning in patients with incurable cancer: study protocol for a randomised controlled trialJohnson, S; Clayton, S; Butow, P; Silvester, W; Detering, K; Hall, JP; Kiely, B; Cebon, J; Clarke, S; Michael, N; Belle, M; Stockler, M; Beale, P; Tattersall, MHN
Jan-2014Well-being losses due to care-givingVan den Berg, B; Fiebig, DG; Hall, JP
Jan-2013The development of health economics in Australia and its contribution to policyHall, JP
Jan-2013The tale of out-of-pocket spending on health careHall, JP
Jan-2013Efficiency and equity: A stated preference approachNorman, R; Hall, JP; Street, D; Viney, RC
Jan-2013Understanding the costs of care for cystic fibrosis: an analysis by age and health stateVan Gool, K; Norman, R; Hall, JP; Massie, J; Delatycki, M
Jan-2012The comparability of emergency department waiting time performance dataGreene, J; Hall, JP
Jan-2012Breaking up is hard to do: why disinvestment in medical technology is harder than investmentHaas, MR; Hall, JP; Viney, RC; Gallego, G
Jan-2012Cost-effectiveness of carrier screening for cystic fibrosis in AustraliaNorman, R; Van Gool, K; Hall, JP; Delatycki, M; Massie, J
Jan-2011Disease prevention, health care, and economicsHall, JP; Glied, S; Smith, PC
Jan-2010Designing the structure for Australia's health system. Occasional Paper 2010 Number 1Hall, JP
Jan-2010Medicare Select: A bold reform?Hall, JP
Jan-2010Health care reform in Australia: Advancing or side-stepping?Hall, JP
Jan-2010Informal care and home-based palliative care: The health-related quality of life of carersKenny, PM; Hall, JP; Zapart, S; Davis, P
Jan-2009Sources of variation in the costs of health care for asthma patients in AustraliaKenny, PM; Hall, JP; King, MT; Lancsar, E
Jan-2009Partnerships for knowledge exchange in health services research, policy and practiceMitchell, P; Pirkis, J; Hall, JP; Haas, MR
Jan-2008Economic evaluation of cystic fibrosis screening: A review of the literatureRadhakrishnan, YM; Van Gool, K; Hall, JP; Delatycki, M; Massie, RJ