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2021-05Knowledge and attitudes regarding Covid-19 among syrian refugee women in Jordan.Hamadneh, S; Hamadneh, J; Amarin, Z; Kassab, M; Obeidat, R; Rawashdeh, H
2019-06-01Developing Reliability and Validation of Midwives' Skills regarding Basic Newborn Resuscitation Questionnaire (MSNRQ)Kassab, M; Hamadneh, S
2018-09-01Factors Associated With Infant Pain Severity Undergoing Immunization InjectionsKassab, M; Hamadneh, S; Nuseir, K; ALmomani, B; Hamadneh, J
2018-01-01Blood lead level and correlation with pregnancy-associated anaemiaHamadneh, J; Hamadneh, S; Massadeh, A; Kassab, M; bayyari, NA; Khader, Y; Sbuihat, W
2017-10-01Infant Resuscitation Practices of Midwives in a Developing CountryKhriesat, W; Kassab, M; Hamadneh, S; Mohammad, K; Hamadneh, J; Khader, YS
2017-10-01Lifestyle related fertility disorders in North Jordan: Potential for improvementHamadneh, JM; Amarin, Z; Hamadneh, S; Obeidat, NA; Kassab, M; Hani, MB
2017-04Association between timing of elective cesarean delivery and adverse outcomes among women with at least two previous cesareans.Hamadneh, J; Alchalabi, H; Hamadneh, S; Amarin, Z; Khader, YS; Kassab, M; Bani-Hani, M
2016-12Sudden unexpected infant death in Jordan and the home environment.Hamadneh, S; Kassab, M; Hamadneh, J; Amarin, Z
2016-06Midwives' Experiences, Education, and Support Needs Regarding Basic Newborn Resuscitation in Jordan.Kassab, M; Alnuaimi, K; Mohammad, K; Creedy, D; Hamadneh, S