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2017A comparative analysis of national media responses to the OECD Survey of Adult Skills: policy making from the global to the local?Yasukawa, K; Hamilton, M; Evans, J
Jan-2012Toward a Shared Understanding of Competency in Programming: An Invitation to the BABELnot ProjectLister, RF; Corney, M; Curran, J; D'Souza, D; Fidge, CF; Gluga, R; Hamilton, M; Harland, J; Hogan, J; Kay, J; Murphy, T; Roggenkamp, M; Sheard, J; Simon, S; Teague, D; de Raadt, M; Carbone, A
Jan-2009A Citation Analysis of the ICER 2005-07 ProceedingsLister, RF; Box, I; Hamilton, M; Clear, T
Jan-2009What Our ICT Graduates Really Need from Us: A Perspective from the WorkplaceKoppi, T; Sheard, J; Naghdy, F; Chicharo, JF; Edwards, SL; Brookes, WC; Wilson, DN; Hamilton, M; Clear, T
Jan-2009The BRACElet 2009.1 (Wellington) SpecificationWhalley, J; Lister, RF; Hamilton, M; Clear, T
Jan-2009A Focus Group Study of Student Attitudes to LecturesHitchens, M; Lister, RF; Hamilton, M; Clear, T
Jan-2008A citation analysis of the ACE2005 - 2007 proceedings, with reference to the June 2007 CORE conference and journal rankingsLister, RF; Box, I; Simon; Hamilton, M
Jan-2008Eight years of computing education papers at NACCQSimon, S; Sheard, J; Carbone, A; de Raadt, M; Hamilton, M; Lister, RF; Thompson, E; Mann, S; Lopez, M
Jan-2008Learning educational research methods through collaborative research: the PhICER initiativeBerglund, A; Box, I; Eckerdal, A; Lister, RF; Pears, A; Simon; Hamilton, M
Jan-2008Classifying computing education papers: process and resultsSimon, S; Carbone, A; de Raadt, M; Lister, RF; Hamilton, M; Sheard, J; Lister, R; Caspersen, ME; Clancy, M
Jan-2008After the gold rush: toward sustainable scholarship in computingLister, RF; Simon; Hamilton, M
Jan-2008Towards Understanding the Non-technical Work Experiences of Recent Australian Information Technology GraduatesNagarajan, SV; Edwards, J; Hamilton, S; Hamilton, M
Jan-2008The Teaching of Novice Computer Programmers:Bringing the Scholarly-Research Approach to AustraliaClear, T; Edwards, J; Lister, RF; Simon, B; Thompson, E; Whalley, J; Hamilton, S; Hamilton, M
2007Introduction history and invasion success in exotic vines introduced to AustraliaHarris, C; Murray, B; Hose, G; Hamilton, M
Jan-2006Do map drawing styles of novice programming predict success in programming? A multi-national, multi institutional Study.Tolhurst, D; Baker, B; Hamer, J; Box, I; Lister, RF; Cutts, QI; Petre, M; de, RM; Robins, A; Fincher, S; simon, S; Haden, P; Sutton, K; Hamilton, M; Tutty, J
Jan-2006The ability to articulate strategy as a predictor of programming skillssimon, S; Cutts, QI; Fincher, S; Haden, P; Robins, A; Sutton, K; Baker, B; Box, I; de, RM; Hamer, J; Hamilton, M; Lister, RF; Petre, M; Tolhurst, D; Tutty, J
Jan-2006Predictors of success in a first programming coursesimon, S; Fincher, S; Robbins, A; Box, I; Cutts, QI; de, RM; Haden, P; Hamer, J; Hamilton, M; Lister, RF; Petre, M; Sutton, K; Tolhurst, D; Tutty, J
Jan-2005Approaches to learning in computer programming students and their effect on successde Raadt, M; Hamilton, M; Lister, RF; Tutty, J; Baker, B; Box, I; Cutts, QI; Fincher, S; Hamer, J; Haden, P; Petre, M; Robins, A; Sutton, K; Tolhurst, D