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Jan-2013The influence of personal characteristics on perioperative nurses' perceived competence: Implications for workforce planningGillespie, B; Hamlin, L; Polit, DF; Chaboyer, W
Jan-2012Developing a model of competence in the operating theatre: Psychometric validation of the Perceived Perioperative Competence Scale-RevisedGillespie, B; Polit, DF; Hamlin, L; Chaboyer, W
Jan-2011Changing Perioperative Practice In An Indonesian Hospital: Part I Of IiHamlin, L; Brown, DM
Jan-2011Beam me up, Scotty, but not just yet: Understanding generational diversity in the perioperative milieuHamlin, L; Gillespie, B
Jan-2010Perioperative nurse practitioners (NP) - the first two perioperative NPs are authorised in NSWHamlin, L; Dobson, J; Cook, L
Jan-2010The Perioperative Nursing Workforce Program in NSW: How a professional perioperative nursing association meets one of its mandatesHamlin, L; Chiarella, M; Cubitt, J; Duff, J; Jones, K; Thoms, D; Waldron, J
Jan-2009A synthesis of the literature on "competence" as it applies to perioperative nursingGillespie, B; Hamlin, L
Jan-2008Judith Cornell oration: Standing on the shoulders of giantsHamlin, L
Jan-2006Setting the standard: The role of ACORN. Part II: Counting, the gold standard to prevent the inadvertent retention of surgical items or is it?Hamlin, L
Jan-2006Lead or be led: are we ready to face the challenge?Ward, K; Hamlin, L
Jan-2006Setting the standard: The role of the Australian College of Operating Room Nurses - Part 1Hamlin, L
Jan-2005Bullying and harassment in perioperative settingsGilmour, D; Hamlin, L
Jan-2004Determining the position of ACORN on credentialing perioperative nurses: a critical analysis.Hamlin, L
Jan-2002Perioperative Nurses and sexual harrassmentHamlin, L; Hoffman, A