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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02Editorial: Machine Learning Methods for Distributed Sensor Network ApplicationsChen C-H; Chao K-M; Hwang FJ; Han C; Pu L
2020-12-01Electron Delocalization and Dissolution-Restraint in Vanadium Oxide Superlattices to Boost Electrochemical Performance of Aqueous Zinc-Ion BatteriesLi W; Han C; Gu Q; Chou SL; Wang JZ; Liu HK; Dou SX
2020-09-01Achieving solar-to-hydrogen evolution promotion using TiO2 nanoparticles and an unanchored Cu co-catalystCheng G; Zhang M; Han C; Liang Y; Zhao K
2020-07Cuprous ion (Cu+) doping induced surface/interface engineering for enhancing the CO2 photoreduction capability of W18O49 nanowires.Zhang M; Cheng G; Wei Y; Wen Z; Chen R; Xiong J; Li W; Han C; Li Z
2020-05-01A 1D/2D WO3 nanostructure coupled with a nanoparticulate CuO cocatalyst for enhancing solar-driven CO2 photoreduction: the impact of the crystal facetZhang M; Zhao K; Xiong J; Wei Y; Han C; Li W; Cheng G
2020-04Three-Dimensional Electronic Network Assisted by TiN Conductive Pillars and Chemical Adsorption to Boost the Electrochemical Performance of Red Phosphorus.Li W; Han C; Gu Q; Chou S; Liu HK; Dou SX
2020-03Boost Anion Storage Capacity Using Conductive Polymer as a Pseudocapacitive Cathode for High-Energy and Flexible Lithium Ion Capacitors.Han C; Tong J; Tang X; Zhou D; Duan H; Li B; Wang G
2020-01-01Nitrogen-doped Carbon Nanospheres-Modified Graphitic Carbon Nitride with Outstanding Photocatalytic ActivityLiu Q; Tian H; Dai Z; Sun H; Liu J; Ao Z; Wang S; Han C; Liu S