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2020-11-05Emerging concepts and directed therapeutics for the management of asthma: regulating the regulators.Shastri MD; Chong WC; Dua K; Peterson GM; Patel RP; Mahmood MQ; Tambuwala M; Chellappan DK; Hansbro NG; Shukla SD; Hansbro PM
2020-10-10Solid lipid nanoparticles containing anti-tubercular drugs attenuate the Mycobacterium marinum infection.Khatak S; Mehta M; Awasthi R; Paudel KR; Singh SK; Gulati M; Hansbro NG; Hansbro PM; Dua K; Dureja H
2020-08-20Animal and translational models of SARS-CoV-2 infection and COVID-19.Johansen MD; Irving A; Montagutelli X; Tate MD; Rudloff I; Nold MF; Hansbro NG; Kim RY; Donovan C; Liu G; Faiz A; Short KR; Lyons JG; McCaughan GW; Gorrell MD; Cole A; Moreno C; Couteur D; Hesselson D; Triccas J; Neely GG; Gamble JR; Simpson SJ; Saunders BM; Oliver BG; Britton WJ; Wark PA; Nold-Petry CA; Hansbro PM
2020-08-19A monoclonal antibody to Siglec-8 suppresses non-allergic airway inflammation and inhibits IgE-independent mast cell activation.Schanin J; Gebremeskel S; Korver W; Falahati R; Butuci M; Haw TJ; Nair PM; Liu G; Hansbro NG; Hansbro PM; Evensen E; Brock EC; Xu A; Wong A; Leung J; Bebbington C; Tomasevic N; Youngblood BA
2020-05-04Plants derived therapeutic strategies targeting chronic respiratory diseases: Chemical and immunological perspective.Prasher P; Sharma M; Mehta M; Paudel KR; Satija S; Chellappan DK; Dureja H; Gupta G; Tambuwala MM; Negi P; Wich PR; Hansbro NG; Hansbro PM; Dua K
2020-03-14Elastin is a key factor of tumor development in colorectal cancer.Li J; Xu X; Jiang Y; Hansbro NG; Hansbro PM; Xu J; Liu G
-Celastrol-loaded liquid crystalline nanoparticles as an anti-inflammatory intervention for the treatment of asthmaChan Y; Ng SW; Chellappan DK; Madheswaran T; Zeeshan F; Kumar P; Pillay V; Gupta G; Wadhwa R; Mehta M; Wark P; Hsu A; Hansbro NG; Hansbro PM; Dua K; Panneerselvam J