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2017-01-26Robust DED based on bad scenario set considering wind, EV and battery switching stationZhi-Gang, L; Hao, Z; Hai-Feng, X; Jiang-Feng, Z; Xue-Ping, L; Xiao-Feng, S
2014-02-01Uncertain one-class learning and concept summarization learning on uncertain data streamsLiu, B; Xiao, Y; Yu, PS; Cao, L; Zhang, Y; Hao, Z
2014-01-01A similarity-based classification framework for multiple-instance learningXiao, Y; Liu, B; Hao, Z; Cao, L
2013-01-01SVDD-based outlier detection on uncertain dataLiu, B; Xiao, Y; Cao, L; Hao, Z; Deng, F
2013-01-01Robust textual data streams mining based on continuous transfer learningLiu, B; Xiao, Y; Yu, PS; Cao, L; Hao, Z
2012-10-04A novel auto-parameters selection process for image segmentationJiang, Y; Tsai, P; Hao, Z; Cao, L
2011-12-01Similarity-based approach for positive and unlabelled learningXiao, Y; Liu, B; Yin, J; Cao, L; Zhang, C; Hao, Z
2010-04-01Multi-agent system for customer relationship management with SVMs toolXiao, Y; Liu, B; Luo, D; Cao, L; Deng, F; Hao, Z
2009-12-01Multi-sphere support vector data description for outliers detection on multi-distribution dataXiao, Y; Liu, B; Cao, L; Wu, X; Zhang, C; Hao, Z; Yang, F; Cao, J
2008-12Nesting one-against-one algorithm based on SVMs for pattern classification.Liu, B; Hao, Z; Tsang, ECC
2008-01A situation assessment approach using support vector machine as a learning toolLu, J; Liu, B; Zhang, G; Hao, Z; Xiao, Y
2007-01-01A support vector machine model for the situation awareness systemLiu, B; Lu, J; Zhang, G; Hao, Z; Gao, Y; Huang, C; Frey, C; Feng, J
2006A heuristic weight-setting algorithm for robust weighted least squares support vector regressionWen, W; Hao, Z; Yang, X; Chen, M; NA