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1-Jan-2019A 'disjunct' in the linguistic landscape: Messages about food and nutrition in Indonesian school environmentsHarbon, L; Halimi, SS
2018Mentoring students’ intercultural learning during study abroadGiovanangeli, A; Oguro, SG; Harbon, L; Jackson, J; Oguro, S
2017Acknowledging the generational and affective aspects of language teacher identity.Harbon, L; Barkhuizen, G
2017Preparing Teachers through International Experience: A Collaborative Critical Analysis of Four Australian ProgramsBuchanan, JD; Major, J; Harbon, L; Kearney, S
1-Jan-2016An interactive, co-constructed approach to the development of intercultural understanding in pre-service language teachersMoloney, R; Harbon, L; Fielding, R
1-Jan-2016The Innovation and Challenge of a Content and Language Integrated Learning Approach to CFL in One Australian Primary SchoolHarbon, L; Fielding, R; Liang, J; Moloney, R; Xu, HL
1-Jan-2016Creating an Ecology of Affordances to Allow Australian Pre-service Teachers to Get to Know and Make Sense of ChinaHarbon, L; Smyth, C
2016A developing ‘community of practice’: What can we claim so far?Harbon, L; Laws, K; Harbon, L; Wescombe, C
1-Jan-2015Eliciting language teachers' narratives of practice for professional growthHarbon, L; Moloney, R; Gitsaki, C; Alexiou, T
2015Transition from senior secondary to tertiary languages study: student attitudes in three Sydney schoolsMoloney, R; Harbon, L
2015Researching Language ClassroomsHarbon, L; Shen, H; Paltridge, B; Phakiti, A
2014A five-pointed star: Enhancing explorations into English teaching in the MekongHarbon, L; Lap, T; Laws, K
1-Dec-2013Examining bilingual and bicultural identity in young studentsFielding, R; Harbon, L
1-Mar-2013Self-regulation in second language learning: An investigation of the kanji-learning taskRose, H; Harbon, L
-Webs and rainbows: accomplished language teaching and Pelangi magazine bridging Indonesia with Australia. In P.S. Thomas (Ed.) Talking north: the journey of Australia’s first Asian languageHarbon, L