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2019-12-01Oxidative stress in the aging substantia nigra and the etiology of Parkinson's diseaseTrist, BG; Hare, DJ; Double, KL
2019-11-01Health outcomes of iron supplementation and/or food fortification in iron-replete children aged 4-24 months: Protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysisHare, DJ; Braat, S; Cardoso, BR; Morgan, C; Szymlek-Gay, EA; Biggs, BA
2019-07-01l-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (l-DOPA) modulates brain iron, dopaminergic neurodegeneration and motor dysfunction in iron overload and mutant alpha-synuclein mouse models of Parkinson's diseaseBillings, JL; Gordon, SL; Rawling, T; Doble, PA; Bush, AI; Adlard, PA; Finkelstein, DI; Hare, DJ
2019-07-01Perineuronal Nets: Plasticity, Protection, and Therapeutic PotentialReichelt, AC; Hare, DJ; Bussey, TJ; Saksida, LM
2019-06-01From niche methods to necessary tools: The growing importance of analytical atomic spectrometry in metal imaging in neuroscienceMcAllum, EJ; Hare, DJ
2019-04-01A high-fat high-sugar diet in adolescent rats impairs social memory and alters chemical markers characteristic of atypical neuroplasticity and parvalbumin interneuron depletion in the medial prefrontal cortexReichelt, AC; Gibson, GD; Abbott, KN; Hare, DJ
2019-01-23A versatile quantitative microdroplet elemental imaging method optimised for integration in biochemical workflows for low-volume samplesKysenius, K; Paul, B; Hilton, JB; Liddell, JR; Hare, DJ; Crouch, PJ
2019-01-15Supranutritional Sodium Selenate Supplementation Delivers Selenium to the Central Nervous System: Results from a Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial in Alzheimer’s DiseaseCardoso, BR; Roberts, BR; Malpas, CB; Vivash, L; Genc, S; Saling, MM; Desmond, P; Steward, C; Hicks, RJ; Callahan, J; Brodtmann, A; Collins, S; Macfarlane, S; Corcoran, NM; Hovens, CM; Velakoulis, D; O’Brien, TJ; Hare, DJ; Bush, AI
2019-01-01Anatomical redistribution of endogenous copper in embryonic mice overexpressing SOD1Kysenius, K; Hilton, JB; Paul, B; Hare, DJ; Crouch, PJ
2019-01-01Simultaneous nanostructure and chemical imaging of intact whole nematodesJones, MWM; Phillips, NW; Abbey, B; Hare, DJ; Van Riessen, GA; Vine, DJ; De Jonge, MD; McColl, G
2018-11-26Kinetic modeling of pH-dependent oxidation of dopamine by iron and its relevance to Parkinson's diseaseSun, Y; Pham, AN; Hare, DJ; Waite, TD
2018-08-01Tracing Environmental Exposure from Neurodevelopment to NeurodegenerationHeffernan, AL; Hare, DJ
2018-07-19A Proposed Mechanism for Neurodegeneration in Movement Disorders Characterized by Metal Dyshomeostasis and Oxidative StressTrist, BG; Hare, DJ; Double, KL
2018-07-01Applications of liquid chromatography-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry in the biosciences: A tutorial review and recent developmentsBishop, DP; Hare, DJ; Clases, D; Doble, PA
2018-06-07A guide to integrating immunohistochemistry and chemical imagingBishop, DP; Cole, N; Zhang, T; Doble, PA; Hare, DJ
2018-02-01Neurological effects of iron supplementation in infancy: finding the balance between health and harm in iron-replete infantsHare, DJ; Cardoso, BR; Szymlek-Gay, EA; Biggs, BA
2018-01-18Promises and Pitfalls of Metal Imaging in BiologyNew, EJ; Wimmer, VC; Hare, DJ
2018-01-01Accumulation of dysfunctional SOD1 protein in Parkinson’s disease is not associated with mutations in the SOD1 geneTrist, BG; Fifita, JA; Freckleton, SE; Hare, DJ; Lewis, SJG; Halliday, GM; Blair, IP; Double, KL
2017-11-21Radiation Dose Limits for Bioanalytical X-ray Fluorescence MicroscopyJones, MWM; Hare, DJ; James, SA; De Jonge, MD; McColl, G
2017-10-01Subcellular compartmentalisation of copper, iron, manganese, and zinc in the Parkinson's disease brainGenoud, S; Roberts, BR; Gunn, AP; Halliday, GM; Lewis, SJG; Ball, HJ; Hare, DJ; Double, KL