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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016Architects and digital designing techniques frontiersQattan, W; Harfield, S
2016On the issue of abstraction in relation to educationHarfield, S; Middleton, H
26-Nov-2014Liminality, Transition, Transformation – and Educational 'Re-Thinking'Harfield, S; Miiddleton, H
Jan-2014Cage, Chance, and Architecture: Distancing the Formalizing AgentHarfield, S; Benedikt Michael
Jan-2014Looking From Within, What Comes Out: An indigenous perspective on community and urbanismHromek, MJ; Harfield, S; Gjerde, M; Petrovic, E
Jan-2014Great Expectations: Mobilising histories and transforming the city through mobile technology practicesGardner, NL; Harfield, S; Gjerde, M; Petrovic, E
1-Dec-2012Health, well-being and vulnerable populationsPrior, J; Harfield, S
Jan-2012Tutorial, desk critHarfield, S; Askland, H; Ostwald, M; Williams, A
Jan-2012Design problems, satisficing solutions, and the designer as formalizing agent: Revisiting wicked problemsHarfield, S; Middleton, H
Jan-2012Controls behind the scenes: On Position, Ideology, and ExpectationHarfield, S; Middleton, H
Jan-2010Six Functions of Theory: Affecting and Effecting Design ThinkingHarfield, S; not listed
Jan-2010Urban design as social benefit: Thinking beyond formality and physicalityHarfield, S; Rennie, HG; Memon, A
Jan-2010Drawing on Nickles: Design tasks in the light of the philosophical analysis of problemsHarfield, S; not listed
Jan-2010Urban purity and danger: the turbulence associated with contamination in suburban AustraliaPrior, JH; Harfield, S; Nichols, D; Hurlimann, A; Mouat, C; Pascoe, S
Jan-2010A bright new suburbia? G.J. Dusseldorp and the development of the Kingsdene EstateHarfield, S; Prior, JH; Nichols, D; Hurlimann, A; Mouat, C; Pascoe, S
Jan-2009Towards a philosophy of social planning: cities and social planningPrior, JH; Harfield, S; Maginn, P; Jones, R
Jan-2008Problems, Design Problems, and Designers: Decision-making in ActionHarfield, S; Middleton; Howard; Pavlova, M
Jan-2008Imagining Suburbia as the Roots of Sea-Change and Tree-Change: A Study of Sydney and Melbourne MediaHarfield, S; Prior, JH; Finch, L
Jan-2008A vexed terrain: exploring assumptions and preconceptions around planning education in universitiesPrior, JH; Harfield, S; Thompson, S; Gurran, N; Phibbs, P; Searle, G
2008On the Roots of UndisciplineHarfield, S; Rust, Chris