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2021-10-24Project20: interpreter services for pregnant women with social risk factors in England: what works, for whom, in what circumstances, and how?Rayment-Jones, H; Harris, J; Harden, A; Silverio, SA; Turienzo, CF; Sandall, J
2021-01Project20: Does continuity of care and community-based antenatal care improve maternal and neonatal birth outcomes for women with social risk factors? A prospective, observational study.Rayment-Jones, H; Dalrymple, K; Harris, J; Harden, A; Parslow, E; Georgi, T; Sandall, J
2020-05Project 20: Midwives' insight into continuity of care models for women with social risk factors: what works, for whom, in what circumstances, and how.Rayment-Jones, H; Silverio, SA; Harris, J; Harden, A; Sandall, J
2019-01-01How do women with social risk factors experience United Kingdom maternity care? A realist synthesisRayment-Jones, H; Harris, J; Harden, A; Khan, Z; Sandall, J
2018-06-25Testing the limits of deeds of company arrangementHarris, J
2018-06-01Employing the arts for knowledge production and translation: Visualizing new possibilities for women speaking up about safety concerns in maternityMackintosh, N; Sandall, J; Collison, C; Carter, W; Harris, J
2018-05-31Putting the cart before the horse? The liability of company secretaries and general counsel for defective disclosureHarris, J
2018-02-01Insolvency practitioners’ duties: Macks v ViscarielloHarris, J
2017-12-17Unpacking the Ten Network AdministrationHarris, J
2017-12-01Potential impact of oxidative stress induced growth inhibitor 1 (OSGIN1) on airway epithelial cell autophagy in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)Sukkar, MB; Harris, J
2017-11-01Key messages for communicating information about BRCA1 and BRCA2 to women with breast or ovarian cancer: Consensus across health professionals and service usersJacobs, C; Pichert, G; Harris, J; Tucker, K; Michie, S
2017-09-29Class Warfare In Debt Restructuring: Does Australia Need Cross-Class Cram Down For Creditors’ Schemes Of Arrangement?Harris, J
2017-09-25Committees of inspection under the Insolvency Law Reform Act 2016Harris, J
2017-06-01Autophagy and inflammasomesHarris, J; Lang, T; Thomas, JPW; Sukkar, MB; Nabar, NR; Kehrl, JH
2017-03-03Still a sleepy hollow? Directors’ liability and the business judgment ruleHarris, J; Hargovan, A
2016-12-15Reforming insolvent trading to encourage restructuring: safe harbour or sleepy hollows?Harris, J
2016-09-01Essential PPSA update: recent cases.Harris, J; Tranter Wilson, A
2016-04-06Forge case examines PPS leasesHarris, J
2016-03-01Barbarians at the gate? Activist investors and s 249NHarris, J
2016-03-01Using voluntary administration to dilute minority shareholdingsHarris, J