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2021Slow and Spatial: The OzNomadic LifestyleFaulkner, S; Hassanli, N; Williamson, J
2020-11-23Who is seen to be doing business research, and does it really matter? Gender representation at academic conferencesWalters, T; Hassanli, N; Finkler, W
2020-08-03Coronavirus lockdowns set to hurt Australian nomad travellers the mostWilliamson, J; Faulkner, S; Hassanli, N
2020-02-01The contribution of small accommodations to a sustainable tourism industryHassanli, N; Ashwell, J
2020Local food matters: Targeting the Australian domestic marketHassanli, N; Williamson, J
2020Can cultural festivals function as counterspaces for migrants and refugees? The case of the New Beginnings Festival in SydneyHassanli, N; Walters, T; Friedmann, R
2020It’s all in the recipe: How to increase domestic leisure tourists’ experiential loyalty to local foodWilliamson, J; Hassanli, N
2018-11-01Developing your Networks: Improving the Sustainability of Tourism in your RegionJanine, A; Hassanli, N
2018-09-01Participatory tourism development in Iran: Implementing communitybased tourism within a migrating nomadic tribeBakhsheshi, FF; Hassanli, N
2018-01-01The role of trip purpose and hotel star rating on guests’ satisfaction and WOMRajaguru, R; Hassanli, N
2018-01-01The role of trip purpose and hotel star rating on guests’ satisfaction and WOMRajaguru, R; Hassanli, N
2017-01-01“We’re All In This Together”: Improving The Sustainability Practices Of Holiday Homes Through ClusteringHassanli, N; Ashwell, J
2017The Social and Political Dimensions of Visitor Management: Rural Home-based AccommodationsHassanli, N; Albrecht, J
2016-06-01The emergence of home-based accommodations in Iran: A study of self-organizationHassanli, N; Gross, MJ; Brown, G
2016-01-01Local hosted accommodation Community of Practice: Challenges and issuesHassanli, N
2014-01-01Idea Networking: Constructing a Pragmatic Conceptual Frame for Action Research InterventionsHassanli, N; Metcalfe, M
2013-11-01Tourist decision-making: Selecting a travel agency in IranHassanli, N; Brown, G; Tajzadeh-Namin, A
2012-01-01Consolidating the ideas of Boomi tourist accommodation providers into a collective conceptionMetcalfe, M; Hassanli, N
2012-01-01Concept mapping: Understanding indigenous tourist accommodation businesses in IranHassanli, N; Brown, G; Gross, M
-‘You feel you’re not alone’: how multicultural festivals foster social sustainability through multiple psychological sense of communityHassanli, N; Walters, T; Williamson, J