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Sep-2016Southern Ocean phytoplankton physiology in a changing climate.Petrou, K; Kranz, SA; Trimborn, S; Hassler, CS; Ameijeiras, SB; Sackett, O; Ralph, PJ; Davidson, AT
Jan-2016Nutrient uplift in a cyclonic eddy increases diversity, primary productivity and iron demand of microbial communities relative to a western boundary current.Doblin, MA; Petrou, K; Sinutok, S; Seymour, JR; Messer, LF; Brown, MV; Norman, L; Everett, JD; McInnes, AS; Ralph, PJ; Thompson, PA; Hassler, CS
20-Jul-2015The role of bacterial and algal exopolymeric substances in iron chemistryNorman, L; Worms, IAM; Angles, E; Bowie, AR; Nichols, CM; Ninh Pham, A; Slaveykova, VI; Townsend, AT; David Waite, T; Hassler, CS
1-Jul-2015Iron associated with exopolymeric substances is highly bioavailable to oceanic phytoplanktonHassler, CS; Norman, L; Mancuso Nichols, CA; Clementson, LA; Robinson, C; Schoemann, V; Watson, RJ; Doblin, MA
Jan-2014Primary productivity induced by iron and nitrogen in the Tasman Sea - An overview of the PINTS expeditionHassler, CS; Ridgway, K; Bowie, AR; Butler, EC; Clementson, L; Doblin, MA; Davies, DM; Law, C; Ralph, PJ; van der Merwe, P; Watson, R; Ellwood, M
Jan-2014The impact of iron limitation on the physiology of the Antarctic diatom Chaetoceros simplexPetrou, K; Trimborn, S; Rost, B; Ralph, PJ; Hassler, CS
Jan-2013Measurement Of Iron Chemical Speciation In Seawater At 4 Degrees C: The Use Of Competitive Ligand Exchange-adsorptive Cathodic Stripping VoltammetryHassler, CS; Legiret, F; Butler, E
Jan-2013The Likelihood Of Observing Dust-stimulated Phytoplankton Growth In Waters Proximal To The Australian ContinentCropp, R; Gabric, A; Levasseur, M; Mctainsh, G; Bowie, AR; Hassler, CS; Law, C; Mcgowan, H; Tindale, N; Rossel, R
Jan-2013Iron Limitation Modulates Ocean Acidification Effects on Southern Ocean Phytoplankton CommunitiesHoppe, C; Hassler, CS; Payne, C; Tortell, P; Rost, B; Trimborn, S
Jan-2012Iron plays a role in nitrate drawdown by phytoplankton in Lake Erie surface waters as observed in lake-wide assessmentsHavens, SM; Hassler, CS; North, RL; Guildford, SJ; Silsbe, G; Wilhelm, S; Twiss, MR
Jan-2012Phytoplankton Selenium Requirements: The Case For Species Isolated From Temperate And Polar Regions Of The Southern HemisphereWake, B; Hassler, CS; Bowie, AR; Haddad, PR; Butler, E
Jan-2012Exploring the link between micronutrients and phytoplankton in the Southern Ocean during the 2007 austral summerHassler, CS; Sinour, M; Clementson, L; Butler, E
Jan-2009A Novel In Situ Tool for the Exposure and Analysis of Microorganisms in Natural Aquatic SystemsDavis, TA; Simon, DF; Hassler, CS; Wilkinson, KJ
Jan-2009Bioavailability of organically bound Fe to model phytoplankton of the Southern OceanHassler, CS; Schoemann, V
Jan-2009An evaluation of iron bioavailability and speciation in western Lake Superior with the use of combined physical, chemical, and biological assessmentHassler, CS; Havens, SM; Bullerjahn, GS; McKay, RM; Twiss, MR
Jan-2009Discriminating between intra- and extracellular metals using chemical extractions: an update on the case of ironHassler, CS; Schoemann, V
Jan-2008Porous underwater chamber (PUC) for in-situ determination of nutrient and pollutant bioavailability to microorganismsHassler, CS; Twiss, MT; Simon, DF; Wilkinson, KJ
Jan-2007Application of the biotic ligand model to explain potassium interaction with thallium uptake and toxicity to planktonHassler, CS; Chaffin, RD; Klinger, MB; Twiss, MR
Jan-2006Bioavailability of trace metals to aquatic microorganisms: Importance of chemical, biological and physical processes on biouptakeWorms, I; Simon, D; Hassler, CS; Wilkinson, KJ
Jan-2006Optimization of Iron dependent cyanobacterial (Synechococcus, Cyanophyceae) bioreporters to measure iron bioavailabilityHassler, CS; Twiss, RM; McKay, RM; Bullerjahn, GS