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2019-11-01Predicting Biopsy Outcomes During Active Surveillance for Prostate Cancer: External Validation of the Canary Prostate Active Surveillance Study Risk Calculators in Five Large Active Surveillance CohortsDrost, FJH; Nieboer, D; Morgan, TM; Carroll, PR; Roobol, MJ; Trock, B; Ehdaie, B; Carroll, P; Filson, C; Kim, J; Logothetis, C; Morgan, T; Klotz, L; Pickles, T; Hyndman, E; Moore, CM; Gnanapragasam, V; Van Hemelrijck, M; Dasgupta, P; Bangma, C; Roobol, M; Villers, A; Rannikko, A; Valdagni, R; Perry, A; Hugosson, J; Rubio-Briones, J; Bjartell, A; Hefermehl, L; Shiong, LL; Frydenberg, M; Kakehi, Y; Chung, BH; van der Kwast, T; van der Linden, W; Hulsen, T; de Jonge, C; Kattan, M; Xinge, J; Muir, K; Lophatananon, A; Fahey, M; Steyerberg, E; Zhang, L; Beckmann, K; Denton, B; Hayen, A; Boutros, P; Guo, W; Benfante, N; Cowan, J; Patil, D; Tolosa, E; Kim, TK; Mamedov, A; Lapointe, V; Crump, T; Kimberly-Duffell, J; Santaolalla, A; Olivier, J; Rancati, T; Ahlgren, H; Mascarós, J; Löfgren, A; Lin, CH; Hirama, H; Lee, KS; Jenster, G; Auvinen, A; Haider, M; van Bochove, K; Carter, B; Gledhill, S; Buzza, M; Bruinsma, S; Helleman, J
2019-10-01Who benefits from healthcare spending in Cambodia? Evidence for a universal health coverage policyAsante, AD; Ir, P; Jacobs, B; Supon, L; Liverani, M; Hayen, A; Jan, S; Wiseman, V
2019-10-01Estimated legacy effects from simulated post-trial data were less biased than from combined trial/post-trial dataZhu, L; Bell, KJL; Hayen, A
2019-09-02Does particulate matter modify the short-term association between heat waves and hospital admissions for cardiovascular diseases in greater Sydney, Australia?Parry, M; Green, D; Zhang, Y; Hayen, A
2019-08-26Effectiveness of acellular pertussis vaccine in older adults: nested matched case-control study.Liu, B; He, W-Q; Newall, AT; Quinn, HE; Bartlett, M; Hayen, A; Sheppeard, V; Rose, N; MacIntyre, CR; McIntyre, P
2019-08-01Human factors influencing out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survivalMorgan, DP; Muscatello, D; Hayen, A; Travaglia, J
2019-06-01Can child restraint product information developed using consumer testing sustain correct use 6 months after child restraint purchase? Study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trialBrown, J; Elkington, J; Hall, A; Keay, L; Charlton, JL; Hunter, K; Koppel, S; Hayen, A; Bilston, LE
2019-05-23Effect of a participatory intervention in women's self-help groups for the prevention of chronic suppurative otitis media in their children in Jumla Nepal: A cluster-randomised trialClarke, S; Richmond, R; Worth, H; Wagle, R; Hayen, A
2019-05-01Implementation of advance care planning for patients with advanced illnesses attending hospital outpatient clinicsGonski, P; Rhee, J; Meller, A; Krysinska, K; Naganathan, V; Zwar, N; Hayen, A; Cullen, J; O'Keefe, JA; McDonald, J; Harris-Roxas, B; Caplan, G
2019-04-01Implications of the diagnostic criteria of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in clinical practice: Analysis from the Australian Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis RegistryJo, HE; Glaspole, I; Goh, N; Hopkins, PMA; Moodley, Y; Reynolds, PN; Chapman, S; Walters, EH; Zappala, C; Allan, H; Macansh, S; Grainge, C; Keir, GJ; Hayen, A; Henderson, D; Klebe, S; Heinze, SB; Miller, A; Rouse, HC; Duhig, E; Cooper, WA; Mahar, AM; Ellis, S; McCormack, SR; Ng, B; Godbolt, DB; Corte, TJ
2019-03-01Lifetime risk of prostate cancer overdiagnosis in Australia: Quantifying the risk of overdiagnosis associated with prostate cancer screening in Australia using a novel lifetime risk approachPathirana, T; Hayen, A; Doust, J; Glasziou, P; Bell, K
2019-03-01Can the appropriateness of eye care be measured through cross-sectional retrospective patient record review in eye care practices in Australia? the icaretrack feasibility studyHo, KC; Rahardjo, D; Stapleton, F; Wiles, L; Hibbert, PD; White, AJR; Hayen, A; Jalbert, I
2019-01-01Obesity and dental caries in early childhood: A systematic review protocolManohar, N; Hayen, A; Arora, A
2019-01-01Advance care planning for patients with advanced illnesses attending hospital outpatient clinics study: A study protocol for a randomised controlled trialRhee, J; Meller, A; Krysinska, K; Gonski, P; Naganathan, V; Zwar, N; Hayen, A; Cullen, J; O'Keefe, JA; McDonald, J; Harris-Roxas, B; Caplan, GA
2019-01-01Erratum: Prognostic impact of systolic blood pressure variability in people with diabetes (PLoS ONE (2019) 13:4(e0194084)DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0194084)Bell, KJL; Azizi, L; Nilsson, PM; Hayen, A; Irwig, L; Östgren, CJ; Sundström, J
2019-01-01Socio-demographic and health service factors associated with antibiotic dispensing in older Australian adultsChen, Y; Kirk, MD; Stuart, R; Cheng, AC; Pearson, SA; Hayen, A; Banks, E; Liu, B
2018-11-01Barriers to correct child restraint use: A qualitative study of child restraint users and their needsHall, A; Ho, C; Keay, L; McCaffery, K; Hunter, K; Charlton, JL; Hayen, A; Bilston, L; Brown, J
2018-10-08Developing allied health leaders to enhance person-centred healthcareBradd, P; Travaglia, J; Hayen, A
2018-10-01Improving health literacy through adult basic education in AustraliaMorony, S; Lamph, E; Muscat, D; Nutbeam, D; Dhillon, HM; Shepherd, H; Smith, S; Khan, A; Osborne, J; Meshreky, W; Luxford, K; Hayen, A; McCaffery, KJ
2018-10-01A comparison of the effectiveness of three LED phototherapy machines, single- and double-sided, for treating neonatal jaundice in a low resource settingArnolda, G; Chien, TD; Hayen, A; Hoi, NTX; Maningas, K; Joe, P; Cavallin, F; Trevisanuto, D; Moccia, L