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2021-11-15Child vaccination in sub-Saharan Africa: Increasing coverage addresses inequalities.Bobo, FT; Asante, A; Woldie, M; Dawson, A; Hayen, A
2021-11Mortality among young people seeking residential treatment for problematic drug and alcohol use: A data linkage study.Bista, S; Nathan, S; Rawstorne, P; Palmer, K; Ferry, M; Williams, M; Hayen, A
2021-10-07Visits to general practitioners after iron-related deferrals from blood donation in middle-aged and older Australian blood donors.Karki, S; Davison, TE; Liu, B; Bell, K; Olynyk, JK; Hayen, A; Irving, DO
2021-10Spatial patterns and inequalities in skilled birth attendance and caesarean delivery in sub-Saharan AfricaBobo, FT; Asante, A; Woldie, M; Dawson, A; Hayen, A
2021-10Willingness of blood donors in Australia to provide additional data and blood sample for health research.Karki, S; Gemelli, CN; Davison, TE; Masser, BM; Marks, DC; Bell, K; Liu, B; Hayen, A; van den Hurk, K; Irving, DO
2021-09-07Early life and socio-economic determinants of dietary trajectories in infancy and early childhood - results from the HSHK birth cohort study.Manohar, N; Hayen, A; Do, L; Scott, J; Bhole, S; Arora, A
2021-07-28Patterns and predictors of gestational weight gain in Addis Ababa, Central Ethiopia: a prospective cohort studyAsefa, F; Cummins, A; Dessie, Y; Foureur, M; Hayen, A
2021-07Trends in Ischaemic Heart Disease in Australia, 2001-2015: A Comparison of Urban and Rural Populations.Tan, EJ; Hayen, A; Clarke, P; Jackson, R; Knight, J; Hayes, AJ
2021-06-29Impact of Dietary Trajectories on Obesity and Dental Caries in Preschool Children: Findings from the Healthy Smiles Healthy Kids Study.Manohar, N; Hayen, A; Scott, JA; Do, LG; Bhole, S; Arora, A
2021-06Erratum to: poor coverage and quality for poor women: inequalities in quality antenatal care in nine East African countries.Tekle Bobo, F; Asante, A; Woldie, M; Hayen, A
2021-05Reply.Bell, K; Doust, J; McGeechan, K; Horvath, AR; Barratt, A; Hayen, A; Semsarian, C; Irwig, L
2021-04-05Poor coverage and quality for poor women: Inequalities in quality antenatal in nine East African countriesBobo, FT; Asante, A; Woldie, M; Hayen, A
2021-03-01A methods review of posttrial follow-up studies of cardiovascular prevention finds potential biases in estimating legacy effects.Zhu, L; Bell, KJL; Nayak, A; Hayen, A
2021-02The potential for overdiagnosis and underdiagnosis because of blood pressure variability: a comparison of the 2017 ACC/AHA, 2018 ESC/ESH and 2019 NICE hypertension guidelines.Bell, K; Doust, J; McGeechan, K; Horvath, AR; Barratt, A; Hayen, A; Semsarian, C; Irwig, L
2021-02Practice- and individual-level antibiotic prescribing associated with antibiotic treatment non-response in respiratory tract infections: a national retrospective observational study.Peng, Z; Hayen, A; Liu, B
2021-01Correction: Midwives' and obstetricians' perspectives about pregnancy related weight management in Ethiopia: A qualitative study.Asefa, F; Cummins, A; Dessie, Y; Foureur, M; Hayen, A
2020-12Australian news media reporting of methamphetamine: an analysis of print media 2014-2016.Rawstorne, P; O'Connor, R; Cohn, A; Fredrickson, A; Jayasinha, R; Hayen, A; Lancaster, K; Nathan, S
2020-12Bias, coverage, and asymptotic behaviour of random effects meta-analysis: a clinically driven simulation study.Johnson, K; Hayen, A; Lassere, MND; Mengersen, K
2020-11Mammography screening for breast cancer-the UK Age trial.Bell, KJL; Irwig, L; Nickel, B; Hersch, J; Hayen, A; Barratt, A
2020-10-30Factors Influencing the Early Introduction of Sugar Sweetened Beverages among Infants: Findings from the HSHK Birth Cohort Study.Irvine, V; John, JR; Scott, JA; Hayen, A; Do, LG; Bhole, S; Ha, D; Kolt, GS; Arora, A