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2021-11-22Mer-Hagography: The Erasure, Return and Resonance of Splash’s Older MermaidHayward, P
2021-08-09Entangled in the Mangroves: Negotiating Anthropocene Heritage in the Terrestrial/Marine Interzone of an Iconic Harbour CityHayward, P
2021-06-29Insular Peninsularities: Geography, demography and local identity in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Sutherland ShireHayward, P; Middleweek, B; Fleury, C
2021-01-01Embodying the anthropocene: Embattled crustaceans, extractivism, and eco-tourism on christmas island (indian ocean)Hayward, P
2021-01-01ABOVE AND BELOW The distribution of mermaid, siren and sirène place names across Canada and the creation of related tourist attractionsHayward, P
2021-01-01SHIPPED ASHORE The origins and deployment of mermaid place names in Australia and related visual representationsHayward, P; Fleury, C
2021-01-01Introduction Mercultures IIHayward, P
2021-01-01Riverine Complexity: Islandness, socio-spatial perceptions and modification—a case study of the lower Richmond River (Eastern Australia)Fleury, C; Hayward, P
2020-10-15Cruisicology The Music Culture of Cruise ShipsCashman, D; Hayward, P
2019-12-12Oecusse and the Sultanate of Ocussi-Ambeno: Pranksterism, misrepresentation and micro-nationalityHayward, P
2019-11-01Sanctuary islands in a hostile matrix: The perception, representation, and protection of the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, Gulf of MexicoHayward, P
2019-09-26Rebounding From Extractivism: The history and re-assertion of traditional weir-fishing practices in the Interior Sea of ChiloéÁlvarez, R; Munita, D; Mera, R; Borlando, Í; Ther-Ríos, F; Núñez, D; Hidalgo, C; Hayward, P
2019-01-01Millennial Měirényú: Mermaids in 21<sup>st</sup> century Chinese cultureHayward, P; Wang, P
2019-01-01Scaled for success: The internationalisation of the mermaidHayward, P
2019-01-01The dark side of christmas: Incarceration and alienation in Gabrielle Brady's film Island of the Hungry Ghosts (2018)Hayward, P
2019-01-01Changelings, conformity and difference: Dyesebel and the Sirena in filipi no popular cultureHayward, P
2019-01-01Shoreline revels: Perversity, polyvalence and exhibitionism at coney Island's mermaid paradeHayward, P; Milner, L
2019-01-01From dugongs to sinetrons: Syncretic mermaids in Indonesian cultureHayward, P
2019-01-01Under the Mermaid Flag: Achzivland and the performance of micronationality on ancestral Palestinian land.Hayward, P
2019Musica de Chiloe - Folklore, Syncretism, and Cultural Development in a Chilean AquapelagoGarrido, W; Bendrups, D; Hayward, P