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1-Jan-2019The dark side of christmas: Incarceration and alienation in Gabrielle Brady's film Island of the Hungry Ghosts (2018)Hayward, P
1-Jan-2019Scaled for success: The internationalisation of the mermaidHayward, P
2019Musica de Chiloe - Folklore, Syncretism, and Cultural Development in a Chilean AquapelagoHayward, P; Garrido, W; Bendrups, D
1-May-2018Salt marsh synthesis: Local politics, local identity perception and autonomy initiatives on canvey island (Essex, UK)Hayward, P
1-Jan-2018Secessionism, submergence and Siteresponsive art: The Embassy of the Commonwealth of New Bayswater at the 1st Fremantle BiennaleHayward, P
1-Jan-2018Vertical features in flux: Elevation, interiority and the Anthropocene disruption of South West Louisiana’s five salt dome land islandsHayward, P; Moore, AM
1-Jan-2018I's the Merb'Y: Masculinity, mermen and contemporary NewfoundlandHayward, P; Thorne, CW
1-Jan-2017Introduction: Island music and performance culturesHayward, P; Konishi, J
1-Jan-2017Maracatu Nação Noronha: Embodied cultural practice and its sustainability on an isolated Brazilian islandFitzgerald, J; Hayward, P; Reis, A
1-Jan-2017Making a Splash: Mermaids (and Mer-Men) in 20th and 21st Century Audiovisual MediaHayward, P
1-Jan-2017Merlionicity Part II: Familiarity breeds afectionHayward, P
1-Jan-2017Gaming e tide: E territorialisation of temporarily exposed English sandbanks for social cricket eventsHayward, P
2017Once in a Lifetime: Music, Parody, and Comical Incongruity in The Young OnesHayward, P; Hill, M
2017A Fleeting Aquapelago: A theoretical consideration of the Japanese presence in the Torres Strait 1880s-1940sHayward, P
1-Nov-2016Enduring perceptions: Placenaming and the perception of Louisiana’s salt dome islandsHayward, P
Oct-2016Chart Mythos: The JAMs' and The KLF's Invocation of MuFitzgerald, J; Hayward, P
19-Feb-2016Roxy musicology: The substance of styleFitzgerald, J; Hayward, P
1-Feb-2016"Austin Powers: Intentional Music Man"Evans, M; Giuffre, E; Evans, M; Hayward, P
1-Feb-2016Sounding Funny: The Importance of Hearing the JokeGiuffre, E; Evans, M; Evans, M; Hayward, P
1-Jan-2016Voodoo threads: The cultural trajectory of Dr. John's 'i walk on Gilded splinters'Hayward, P; Hill, M