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15-Jun-2018Identifying key meteorological factors to yield variation of potato and the optimal planting date in the agro-pastoral ecotone in North ChinaTang, J; Wang, J; Wang, E; Yu, Q; Yin, H; He, D; Pan, X
1-Jun-2018A Reliability-Based Robust Design Method for the Sealing of Slipper-Swash Plate Friction Pair in Hydraulic Piston PumpZhang, T; He, D
1-Mar-2018An improved high-order statistical moment method for structural reliability analysis with insufficient dataZhang, T; He, D
5-Feb-2018Palladium Recovery through Membrane Capacitive Deionization from Metal Plating WastewaterKim, DI; Gwak, G; Dorji, P; He, D; Phuntsho, S; Hong, S; Shon, H
1-Jan-2018Robust detection of communities with multi-semantics in large attributed networksJin, D; Liu, Z; He, D; Gabrys, B; Musial, K
1-Nov-2017A reliability-based robust design for structural components with a variable cross section under limited probabilistic informationZhang, T; He, D
1-Jan-2017Approach of describing dynamic production of volatile fatty acids from sludge alkaline fermentationWang, D; Liu, Y; Ngo, HH; Zhang, C; Yang, Q; Peng, L; He, D; Zeng, G; Li, X; Ni, BJ
1-Dec-2011How does research evolve? Pattern mining for research meme cyclesHe, D; Zhu, X; Parker, DS
1-Dec-2011CLAP: Collaborative pattern mining for distributed information systemsZhu, X; Li, B; Wu, X; He, D; Zhang, C
1-Aug-2011Mining approximate repeating patterns from sequence data with gap constraintsHe, D; Zhu, X; Wu, X
1-Dec-2010Rule synthesizing from multiple related databasesHe, D; Wu, X; Zhu, X
1-Dec-2009Error detection and uncertainty modeling for imprecise dataHe, D; Zhu, X; Wu, X
1-Dec-2009Approximate repeating pattern mining with gap requirementsHe, D; Zhu, X; Wu, X
1-Dec-2008Cleansing Noisy Data StreamsZhu, X; Zhang, P; Wu, X; He, D; Zhang, C; Shi, Y