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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-07-31Simplifying graph-based collaborative filtering for recommendationHe, L; Wang, X; Wang, D; Zuo, H; Yin, H; Xu, G
2022-12Wind noise suppression in filtered-x least mean squares-based active noise control systems.Chu, Y; Zhao, S; He, L; Niu, F
2022-05-05Online Spam Review Detection: A Survey of LiteratureHe, L; Wang, X; Chen, H; Xu, G
2022Transformer-Based High-Frequency Oscillation Signal Detection on Magnetoencephalography From Epileptic Patients.Guo, J; Xiao, N; Li, H; He, L; Li, Q; Wu, T; He, X; Chen, P; Chen, D; Xiang, J; Peng, X
2022Graph-Aware Deep Fusion Networks for Online Spam Review DetectionHe, L; Xu, G; Jameel, S; Wang, X; Chen, H
2021-11-26Uranyl-Binding Proteins on Silica Nanoparticles for Repeatable Capture of Uranyl IonsPacheco Arredondo, G; Holt, SA; He, L
2021-11-01Economic dispatch of multi-area integrated electricity and natural gas systems considering emission and hourly spinning reserve constraintsHe, L; Lu, Z; Zhang, J; Geng, L; Cai, Y; Li, X
2021-10-26TagPick: A System for Bridging Micro-Video Hashtags and E-commerce CategoriesHe, L; Wang, D; Wang, H; Chen, H; Xu, G
2021-10-26Click-Through Rate Prediction with Multi-Modal HypergraphsHe, L; Chen, H; Wang, D; Jameel, S; Yu, P; Xu, G
2021-10-25Review of visualisation methods of studying the seepage mechanism in fractured rocksHe, L; Xiao, H; Cui, Y; Liu, S; Chen, J
2021-10-01A novel method for modeling the 3D discrete fracture network from a single 2D exemplarXiao, H; He, L
2021-07-01Coordinated operation of coupled transportation and power distribution systems considering stochastic routing behaviour of electric vehicles and prediction error of travel demandGeng, L; Lu, Z; Guo, X; Zhang, J; Li, X; He, L
2021-06-01The improvement and comparison of diffuse radiation models in different climatic zones of ChinaZhu, T; Li, J; He, L; Wu, D; Tong, X; Mu, Q; Yu, Q
2021-06-01Permeability prediction for porous sandstone using digital twin modeling technology and Lattice Boltzmann methodXiao, H; He, L; Li, J; Zou, C; Shao, C
2021-05-01Total load energy supply capability and security level classification of integrated power and natural gas systems considering N-1 contingency of power systemLu, Z; Chen, Y; Gu, Y; He, L; Zhang, J
2021-04-19SUGAR: Subgraph neural network with reinforcement pooling and self-supervised mutual information mechanismSun, Q; Li, J; Peng, H; Wu, J; Ning, Y; Yu, PS; He, L
2021-02-01Texture synthesis: A novel method for generating digital models with heterogeneous diversity of rock materials and its CGM verificationXiao, H; He, L; Li, X; Zhang, Q; Li, W
2021-01-01Nursing students' perceived value of the work environment: A discrete choice experiment.Meng, D; Xu, G; He, L; Zhang, M; Padula, WV; Davidson, PM
2021-01-01The impact of managerial discretion on fair value information in the Australian agricultural sectorHe, L; Wright, S; Evans, E
2020-10-01Minimizing Financial Cost of DDoS Attack Defense in Clouds with Fine-Grained Resource ManagementYuan, B; Zhao, H; Lin, C; Zou, D; Yang, LT; Jin, H; He, L; Yu, S