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2023-03-01Low Computational Burden Model Predictive Control for Single-Phase Cascaded H-Bridge Converters Without Weighting FactorHe, T; Wu, M; Aguilera, RP; Lu, DDC; Liu, Q; Vazquez, S
2022-12-01Is conductivity measurement or inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry reliable to define rejection of different ions?Xu, S; He, R; Zhao, S; Shon, HK; He, T
2022-10-05Fabrication of dialyzer membrane-based forward osmosis modules via vacuum-assisted interfacial polymerization for the preparation of dialysateZhao, S; Dou, P; Sun, N; Shon, HK; He, T
2022-10-01Metal-based adsorbents for lithium recovery from aqueous resourcesYu, H; Naidu, G; Zhang, C; Wang, C; Razmjou, A; Han, DS; He, T; Shon, H
2022-07-15Stable fouling resistance of polyethylene (PE) separator membrane via oxygen plasma plus zwitterion graftingZhai, W; Yu, H; Chen, H; Li, L; Li, D; Zhang, Y; He, T
2022-06-01Polyethylene separator supported thin-film composite forward osmosis membranes for concentrating lithium enriched brine.Sun, N; Dou, P; Zhai, W; He, H; Nghiem, LD; Vatanpour, V; Zhang, Y; Liu, C; He, T
2022-05-15Concentrating phosphoric acid by direct contact membrane distillation using a low-cost polyethylene separatorWang, Y; Yu, H; Yang, X; Liu, L; Xu, S; He, H; Zhang, Y; He, T
2022-02-15Acid stable layer-by-layer nanofiltration membranes for phosphoric acid purificationXu, S; He, R; Dong, C; Sun, N; Zhao, S; He, H; Yu, H; Zhang, YB; He, T
2022-01-01Model Predictive Sliding Control for Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Converters With Dynamic Current Reference TrackingHe, T; Wu, M; Lu, DDC; Song, K; Zhu, J
2021-01-01Four-quadrant operations of bidirectional chargers for electric vehicles in smart car parks: G2v, v2g, and v4gHe, T; Lu, DDC; Wu, M; Yang, Q; Li, T; Liu, Q
2020-02-15Simultaneous cooling and provision of make-up water by forward osmosis for post-combustion CO2 captureZheng, L; Price, WE; He, T; Nghiem, LD
2019-10-01Seawater-driven forward osmosis for pre-concentrating nutrients in digested sludge centrateVu, MT; Price, WE; He, T; Zhang, X; Nghiem, LD
2019-10-01Local Expansion and Optimization for Higher-Order Graph ClusteringMa, W; Cai, L; He, T; Chen, L; Cao, Z; Li, R
2019-09-15Scaling mitigation in membrane distillation: From superhydrophobic to slipperyXiao, Z; Li, Z; Guo, H; Liu, Y; Wang, Y; Yin, H; Li, X; Song, J; Nghiem, LD; He, T
2019-03-01Modified Model Predictive Control for Bidirectional Four-Quadrant EV Chargers with Extended Set of Voltage VectorsHe, T; Zhu, J; Lu, DDC; Zheng, L
2019-01-01Designed Dynamic Reference with Model Predictive Control for Bidirectional EV ChargersHe, T; Wu, M; Lu, DDC; Aguilera, RP; Zhang, J; Zhu, J
2018-11-01Lithium-ion Battery Instantaneous Available Power Prediction Using Surface Lithium Concentration of Solid Particles in a Simplified Electrochemical ModelZheng, L; Zhu, J; Wang, G; Lu, DDC; He, T
2018-10-01Model-predictive sliding-mode control for three-phase AC/DC convertersHe, T; Lu, DDC; Li, L; Zhang, J; Zheng, L; Zhu, J
2018-09-01Differential voltage analysis based state of charge estimation methods for lithium-ion batteries using extended Kalman filter and particle filterZheng, L; Zhu, J; Wang, G; Lu, DDC; He, T
2018-07-25Parallel Community Detection Based on Distance Dynamics for Large-Scale NetworkHe, T; Cai, L; Meng, T; Chen, L; Deng, Z; Cao, Z