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2022-10-24Semantic Navigation of PowerPoint-Based Lecture Video for AutoNote GenerationXu, C; Jia, W; Wang, R; He, X; Zhao, B; Zhang, Y-F
2022-10-20CAR: Class-Aware Regularizations for Semantic SegmentationHuang, Y; Kang, D; Chen, L; Zhe, X; Jia, W; Bao, L; He, X
2022-10-14End-to-end metastasis detection of breast cancer from histopathology whole slide images.Khaliliboroujeni, S; He, X; Jia, W; Amirgholipour, S
2022-03-01Channelized Axial Attention – Considering Channel Relation within Spatial Attention for Semantic SegmentationHuang, Y; Kang, D; Jia, W; He, X; Liu, L
2022-01-01Arbitrary-shape Scene Text Detection via Visual-Relational Rectification and Contour ApproximationXu, C; Jia, W; Cui, T; Wang, R; Zhang, YF; He, X
2022-01-01MorphText: Deep Morphology Regularized Accurate Arbitrary-shape Scene Text DetectionXu, C; Jia, W; Wang, R; Luo, X; He, X
2022Transformer-Based High-Frequency Oscillation Signal Detection on Magnetoencephalography From Epileptic Patients.Guo, J; Xiao, N; Li, H; He, L; Li, Q; Wu, T; He, X; Chen, P; Chen, D; Xiang, J; Peng, X
2021-12-01On the Baer–Lovász–Tutte construction of groups from graphs: Isomorphism types and homomorphism notionsHe, X; Qiao, Y
2021-12Aspirations of Chinese families-in-business: Development of a reliable measurement instrumentLu, F; Zhu, Z; He, X
2021-11-15Fault diagnosis model for photovoltaic array using a dual-channels convolutional neural network with a feature selection structureLu, X; Lin, P; Cheng, S; Fang, G; He, X; Chen, Z; Wu, L
2021-11-01Pumping effect of rainfall-induced excess pore pressure on particle migrationGao, F; He, X; Zhang, S
2021-10Retraction notice to "An easy-to-use deep-learning model for highly accurate diagnosis of Parkinson's disease using SPECT images" [Comput. Med. Imaging Graphics 87 (2021) 101810].Mohammed, F; He, X; Lin, Y
2021-09PDANet: Pyramid density-aware attention based network for accurate crowd countingAmirgholipour, S; Jia, W; Liu, L; Fan, X; Wang, D; He, X
2021-08-01Efficient reliability analysis considering uncertainty in random field parameters: Trained neural networks as surrogate modelsHe, X; Wang, F; Li, W; Sheng, D
2021-08-01Graph Learning based Recommender Systems: A ReviewWang, S; Hu, L; Wang, Y; He, X; Sheng, QZ; Orgun, MA; Cao, L; Ricci, F; Yu, PS
2021-07-05See more than once: Kernel-sharing atrous convolution for semantic segmentationHuang, Y; Wang, Q; Jia, W; Lu, Y; Li, Y; He, X
2021-06-30Prediction of patients at high risk of upper gastrointestinal cancer for endoscopy using artificial intelligent technologyLin, Y; Liu, Y; Chen, H; Lin, D; He, X
2021-05-25A New Algorithm for Sketch-Based Fashion Image Retrieval Based on Cross-Domain TransformationLei, H; Chen, S; Wang, M; He, X; Jia, W; Li, S
2021-05-13Graph Learning based Recommender Systems: A ReviewWang, S; Hu, L; Wang, Y; He, X; Sheng, QZ; Orgun, MA; Cao, L; Ricci, F; Yu, PS
2021-053D Printed Sub-Terahertz All-Dielectric Lens for Arbitrary Manipulation of Quasi-Nondiffractive Orbital Angular Momentum Waves.He, X; Yang, Y; Deng, L; Li, S; Feng, B