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2021-07-01Wind Energy Generators Fault Current Protection: Structures SurveyHeidary, A; Hesami, M; Bakhshi, A; Rouzbehi, K
2020-12-01Voltage Transformer Ferroresonance: An Inhibitor DeviceHeidary, A; Rouzbehi, K; Radmanesh, H; Pou, J
2020-10-01Inductive fault current limiters: A reviewHeidary, A; Radmanesh, H; Rouzbehi, K; Mehrizi-Sani, A; Gharehpetian, GB
2020-10-01Controllable reactor based hybrid HVDC breakerHeidary, A; Bigdeli, M; Rouzbehi, K
2020-09-18Bridge-type fault current limiter and hybrid breaker for HVDC grids applicationsHeidary, A; Rouzbehi, K; Hesami, M; Bigdeli, M; Bordons, C
2020-08-01A Multifunction High-Temperature Superconductive Power Flow Controller and Fault Current LimiterHeidary, A; Radmanesh, H; Rouzbehi, K; Moradi Cheshmehbeigi, H
2020-03Distribution system protection by coordinated fault current limitersHeidary, A; Radmanesh, H; Naghibi, SH; Samandarpour, S; Rouzbehi, K; Shariati, N
2019-07-01A multi-inductor h bridge fault current limiterHeidary, A; Radmanesh, H; Moghim, A; Ghorbanyan, K; Rouzbehi, K; Rodrigues, EMG; Pouresmaeil, E
2019-06-01Modelling and control of a concentrating solar power plant prototypeHeidary, A; Mousavi, SM; Rouzbehi, K; Escano, JM
2019-05-01A compound current limiter and circuit breakerHeidary, A; Radmanesh, H; Bakhshi, A; Rouzbehi, K; Pouresmaeil, E
2019-04-01A DC-Reactor-Based Solid-State Fault Current Limiter for HVdc ApplicationsHeidary, A; Radmanesh, H; Rouzbehi, K; Pou, J