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2022-04-18Collaborative Co-Design and Evaluation of an Immersive Virtual Reality Application Prototype for Use in Communication RehabilitationBryant, L; Sedlarevic, N; Stubbs, P; Bailey, B; Nguyen, V; Bluff, A; Barnett, D; Estela, M; Hayes, C; Jacobs, C; Kneebone, I; Lucas, C; Mehta, P; Power, E; Hemsley, B
2022-02-25Dysphagia and Quality of Life, Participation, and Inclusion Experiences and Outcomes for Adults and Children With Dysphagia: A Scoping ReviewSmith, R; Bryant, L; Hemsley, B
2021-11-25Recognising complexity: Foregrounding vulnerable and diverse populations for inclusive health information management research.Hemsley, B; Debono, D
2021-10-20The future of disability research in Australia: protocol for a multi-phase research agenda-setting exercise.Smith-Merry, J; O'Donovan, M-A; Dew, A; Hemsley, B; Imms, C; Carey, G; Darcy, S; Ellem, K; Gallego, G; Gilroy, J; Guastella, A; Marella, M; McVilly, K; Plumb, J
2021-07-01Setting an agenda for disability research in Australia. Survey resultsSmith-Merry, J; Plumb, J; Gallego, G; Yen, I; Imms, C; Carey, G; O'Donovan, M-A; Dew, A; Gilroy, J; Darcy, S; Hemsley, B
2021-03-08Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Children, Adolescents, and Adults with Communication Disability and Neurodevelopmental Disorders: A Systematic ReviewBailey, B; Bryant, L; Hemsley, B
2021-02-28Making Public Involvement in Research More Inclusive of People With Complex Speech and Motor Disorders: The I-ASC Project.Jayes, M; Moulam, L; Meredith, S; Whittle, H; Lynch, Y; Goldbart, J; Judge, S; Webb, E; Meads, D; Hemsley, B; Murray, J
2021-01-01Rehabilitation professionals' views on social media use in traumatic brain injury rehabilitation: gatekeepers to participation.Brunner, M; Togher, L; Palmer, S; Dann, S; Hemsley, B
2021-01-01Social Media and People With Traumatic Brain Injury: A Metasynthesis of Research Informing a Framework for Rehabilitation Clinical Practice, Policy, and Training.Brunner, M; Hemsley, B; Togher, L; Dann, S; Palmer, S
2021Assessing the information quality and usability of My Health Record within a health literacy framework: What’s changed since 2016?Walsh, L; Hemsley, B; Allan, M; Dahm, MR; Balandin, S; Georgiou, A; Higgins, I; McCarthy, S; Hill, S
2021Health Information and the Quality and Safety of Care for People With Disability: An Analysis of Australian Reports of Reviewable Deaths in Residential Care.Dahm, MR; Georgiou, A; Balandin, S; Hill, S; Hemsley, B
2020-11Falls in hospital patients with acquired communication disability secondary to stroke: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Sullivan, R; Harding, K; Skinner, I; Hemsley, B
2020-01-08Opportunities for the Implementation of Immersive Virtual Reality in RehabilitationBryant, L; Hemsley, B; Bailey, B; Bluff, A; Nguyen, V; Stubbs, P; Barnett, D; Jacobs, C; Lucas, C; Power, E
2020-01-01Content and network analysis of tweets tagged with #aphasia: an emergent community of practiceBryant, L; Brunner, M; Power, E; Hemsley, B
2020-01-01Opportunities for immersive virtual reality in rehabilitation: Focus on communication disabilityBryant, L; Bluff, A; Barnett, D; Hemsley, B; Nguyen, V; Jacobs, C; Power, E; Bailey, B; Stubbs, P; Lucas, C
2020-01-01Conceptualisation and development of the RIPE-N model (reflective interprofessional education-network model) to enhance interprofessional collaboration across multiple health professionsLucas, C; Power, T; Kennedy, DS; Forrest, G; Hemsley, B; Freeman-Sanderson, A; Courtney-Harris, M; Ferguson, C; Hayes, C
2019-08-01Information infrastructure and quality person-centred support in supported accommodation: An integrative reviewDahm, MR; Georgiou, A; Bryant, L; Hemsley, B
2019-08-01Dying for a meal: An integrative review of characteristics of choking incidents and recommendations to prevent fatal and nonfatal choking across populationsHemsley, B; Steel, J; Sheppard, JJ; Malandraki, GA; Bryant, L; Balandin, S
2019-06-01An integrative review of stakeholder views on Advance Care Directives (ACD): Barriers and facilitators to initiation, documentation, storage, and implementationHemsley, B; Meredith, J; Bryant, L; Wilson, NJ; Higgins, I; Georgiou, A; Hill, S; Balandin, S; McCarthy, S
2019-05-01A content analysis of documentation on communication disability in hospital progress notes: diagnosis, function, and patient safetySteel, J; Georgiou, A; Balandin, S; Hill, S; Worrall, L; Hemsley, B