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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2015On the need for identity in ontology-based conceptual modellingHenderson-Sellers, B; Eriksson, O; Agerfalk, PJ
1-Mar-2014An ontology for ISO software engineering standards: 1) Creating the infrastructureHenderson-Sellers, B; Gonzalez-Perez, C; McBride, T; Low, G
1-Jan-2014Foundation for multi-level modellingClark, T; Gonzalez-Perez, C; Henderson-Sellers, B
1-Jan-2014Situational method engineeringHenderson-Sellers, B; Ralyté, J; Ågerfalk, PJ; Rossi, M
Jan-2014Applying a test for atomicity of method fragmentsHenderson-Sellers, B
1-Dec-2013Are conceptual models concept models?Partridge, C; Gonzalez-Perez, C; Henderson-Sellers, B
1-Dec-2013Ontologies for international standards for software engineeringHenderson-Sellers, B; McBride, T; Low, G; Gonzalez-Perez, C
12-Jul-2013On the search for a level-agnostic modelling languageHenderson-Sellers, B; Clark, T; Gonzalez-Perez, C
30-Jun-2013Ptolemaic metamodelling? The need for a paradigm shiftHenderson-Sellers, B; Eriksson, O; González-Pérez, C; Ågerfalk, PJ
1-Jan-2013Ontological and linguistic Metamodelling revisited: A language use approachEriksson, O; Henderson-Sellers, B; Agerfalk, PJ
1-Jan-2013An application of philosophy in software modelling and future information systems developmentHenderson-Sellers, B; Gonzalez-Perez, C; Walkerden, G
Jan-2013Towards the consolidation of a diagramming suite for agent-oriented modelling languagesHenderson-Sellers, B
1-Aug-2012Evaluating a graphical notation for modelling software development methodologiesHenderson-Sellers, B; Gonzalez-Perez, C
Jan-2012Towards an interoperable metamodel suite: size assessment as one inputHenderson-Sellers, B; Qureshi, M; Gonzalez-Perez, C
Jan-2012Standards Harmonization: Theory And PracticeHenderson-Sellers, B
Jan-2012On the Mathematics of Modelling, Metamodelling, Ontologies and Modelling LanguagesHenderson-Sellers, B
23-May-2011Random thoughts on multi-level conceptual modellingHenderson-Sellers, B
1-Jan-2011Modelling with AgentsArgente, E; Beydoun, G; Fuentes-Fernandez, R; Henderson-Sellers, B; Low, G; Gleizes, MP; GomezSanz, JJ
1-Jan-2011Towards Peer Selection in a Semantically-Enriched Service Execution Framework with QoS SpecificationsShen, J; Beydoun, G; Henderson-Sellers, B; Yuan, S; Low, G; Matskin, M; Perry, M; Mahmood, Z
1-Dec-2010Consolidating diagram types from several agent-oriented methodologiesHenderson-Sellers, B