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2019-12-18Libraries and democracy: complementarity in a regime of truthYerbury, H; Henninger, M; Goldstein, S
2019-09-01Information literacy and regimes of truth: continuity and disruptionYerbury, H; Henninger, M
2018-10-01From mud to the museum: Metadata challenges in archaeologyHenninger, M
2018-09-01Reforms to counter a culture of secrecy: Open government in AustraliaHenninger, M
2018-01-01Civil Commitment and the Role of Public LibrariansYerbury, H; Henninger, M
2017-01-01Government information: Literacies, behaviours and practicesHenninger, M
2016-03-14How are the new documents of social networks shaping our cultural memoryHenninger, M; Scifleet, P
2015-12-15Chasing the Antelopes: A ReflectionNarayan, B; Henninger, M; Kearns, J; Kennan, M; Latham, KF; Lund, NW; Scifleet, P; Skare, R
2013-01Information sources and data discoveryHenninger, M; Knight Alan
2013-01When social media are your sourceScifleet, P; Henninger, M; Albright, KH; Jeppe Nicolaisen
2013-01The value and challenges of public sector informationHenninger, M
2013-01Data-driven journalismHenninger, M; Knight Alan
2012-02-07T03:23:13ZResearching Journalists, Journalists' Research, Journalism as ResearchMorton, T; Price, J; Henninger, M; Olsson, M
2012-01-01Locating scholarly papers of interest onlineHenninger, M
2011-01-01Changing trends in LIS job advertisementsWise, S; Henninger, M; Kennan, MA
2011-01Serious Play, Serious Problems: issues with eBook applicationsBaird, C; Henninger, M
2002-01The New Literacy: A Human Dimension of Knowledge ManagementHalbwirth, S; Henninger, M; Houghton, JM; Greg Timbrell