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2024-01-01The Importance of STEM Education to Responsible Citizenship within a DemocracyHilton, A; Hilton, G; Anderson, J; Makar, K
2021-09-15Making Sense of Number Improving Personal NumeracyHilton, A; Hilton, G
2020-01-01Learning to research and researching to learn: An educators’ guideHilton, A; Hilton, G
2019-12-01Primary school teachers implementing structured mathematics interventions to promote their mathematics knowledge for teaching proportional reasoningHilton, A; Hilton, G
2018-07-01Authentic numeracy contexts for proportional reasoning: The case of the seven summitsDole, S; Goos, M; Hilton, A; Hilton, G; Hunter, J; Darragh, L; Perger, P
2018-03-27A string number line lesson sequence to promote students' relative thinking and understanding of scale, key elements of proportional reasoningHilton, A; Hilton, G
2018-01-01Engaging Primary School Students in Mathematics: Can iPads Make a Difference?Hilton, A
2017-11-15Technology, electronic media and science educationHilton, A; Hilton, G; Woolcott, G; Whannell, R
2017-11-15Digital technologies in the science classroom and beyondHilton, A; Hilton, G; Woolcott, G; Whannell, R
2017-11-01Staging a Numeracy PerformanceSinclair, N; Hilton, G; Hilton, A
2017-06-28Proportional reasoning for science understanding: A science curriculum auditHilton, A; Hilton, G
2017-01-30Higher Order ThinkingHilton, A; Hilton, G; Pendergast, DL; Main, K; Bahr, NM
2017-01-01The impact of conducting practitioner research projects on teachers' professional growthHilton, A; Hilton, G
2017-01-01Coming and staying or coming and going? Immigrant families in Denmark: Challenges and opportunities for integrationHilton, A
2016-12-01Proportional reasoning: an essential component of scientific reasoningHilton, A; Hilton, G
2016-06-01Promoting middle school students’ proportional reasoning skills through an ongoing professional development programme for teachersHilton, A; Hilton, G; Dole, S; Goos, M
2015-01-01School Leaders as Participants in Teachers' Professional Development: The Impact on Teachers' and School Leaders' Professional GrowthHilton, A; Hilton, G; Dole, S; Goos, M
2015Proportional Reasoning as Essential NumeracyDole, S; Hilton, A; Hilton, G
2015Using photographic images to enhance conceptual development in situations of proportionHilton, A; Dole, S; Hilton, G; Goos, M
2014-04-11Teacher to academic becoming and belongingHilton, A