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30-Apr-2018Primary school teachers implementing structured mathematics interventions to promote their mathematics knowledge for teaching proportional reasoningHilton, A; Hilton, G
27-Mar-2018A string number line lesson sequence to promote students' relative thinking and understanding of scale, key elements of proportional reasoningHilton, A; Hilton, G
15-Nov-2017Technology, electronic media and science educationHilton, A; Hilton, G; Woolcott, G; Whannell, R
15-Nov-2017Digital technologies in the science classroom and beyondHilton, A; Hilton, G; Woolcott, G; Whannell, R
14-Aug-2017The Impact of Conducting Practitioner Research Projects on Teachers’ Professional GrowthHilton, A; Hilton, G
30-Jan-2017Higher Order ThinkingHilton, A; Hilton, G; Pendergast, DL; Main, K; Bahr, NM
1-Dec-2016Proportional reasoning: an essential component of scientific reasoningHilton, A; Hilton, G
2015Proportional Reasoning as Essential NumeracyDole, S; Hilton, A; Hilton, G
2015Using photographic images to enhance conceptual development in situations of proportionHilton, A; Dole, S; Hilton, G; Goos, M
2013Proportional Reasoning and the Visually ImpairedHilton, G; Hilton, A; Dole, SL; Goos, M; O Brien, M
2013Using digital photography to support teaching and learning of proportional reasoning conceptsHilton, G; Hilton, A; Dole, S; Goos, M
2013Development and application of a two-tier diagnostic instrument to assess middle-years students’ proportional reasoningHilton, A; Hilton, G; Dole, S; Goos, M
2013Incorporating digital technologies into science classes: Two case studies from the fieldHilton, A; Hilton, G