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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09-015G New Radio Unlicensed: Challenges and EvaluationHirzallah, M; Krunz, M; Kecicioglu, B; Hamzeh, B
2021-07-01Sense-Bandits: AI-based Adaptation of Sensing Thresholds for Heterogeneous-technology Coexistence Over Unlicensed BandsHirzallah, M; Krunz, M
2020-03-30Intelligent Tracking of Network Dynamics for Cross-Technology Coexistence Over Unlicensed BandsHirzallah, M; Krunz, M
2019-11-01Intelligent-CW: AI-based Framework for Controlling Contention Window in WLANsAbyaneh, AHY; Hirzallah, M; Krunz, M
2019-06-01MatchMaker: An Inter-operator Network Sharing Framework in Unlicensed BandsHirzallah, M; Xiao, Y; Krunz, M
2019-01-11On Modeling and Optimizing LTE/Wi-Fi Coexistence with Prioritized Traffic ClassesHirzallah, M; Xiao, Y; Krunz, M
2019-01-01Harmonious Cross-Technology Coexistence with Heterogeneous Traffic in Unlicensed Bands: Analysis and ApproximationsHirzallah, M; Krunz, M; Xiao, Y
2018-12-01Provisioning QoS in Wi-Fi Systems with Asymmetric Full-Duplex CommunicationsHirzallah, M; Afifi, W; Krunz, M
2018-10-01Distributed Resource Allocation for Network Slicing Over Licensed and Unlicensed BandsXiao, Y; Hirzallah, M; Krunz, M
2018-07-27Joint mode and rate adaptation for asymmetric full-duplex communications in WLANsHirzallah, M; Afifi, W; Krunz, M
2018-06-26Optimizing inter-operator network slicing over licensed and unlicensed bandsXiao, Y; Hirzallah, M; Krunz, M
2017-03-01Integrating full-duplex capabilities in heterogeneous spectrum sharing systemsAfifi, W; Krunz, M; Hirzallah, M
2017-01-01Full-Duplex-Based Rate/Mode Adaptation Strategies for Wi-Fi/LTE-U Coexistence: A POMDP ApproachHirzallah, M; Afifi, W; Krunz, M
2016-01-01Full-duplex spectrum sensing and fairness mechanisms for Wi-Fi/LTE-U coexistenceHirzallah, M; Afifi, W; Krunz, M