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4-Jul-2019Angry Anglos and aspirational Asians: everyday multiculturalism in the selective school system in SydneyHo, C
1-Nov-2018Barriers to correct child restraint use: A qualitative study of child restraint users and their needsHall, A; Ho, C; Keay, L; McCaffery, K; Hunter, K; Charlton, JL; Hayen, A; Bilston, L; Brown, J
1-Nov-2018Diversity and participation in private apartment buildings: a review of the literatureLiu, E; Easthope, H; Ho, C; Buckle, C
1-Oct-2018Will bus travellers walk further for a more frequent service? An international study using a stated preference approachMulley, C; Ho, C; Ho, L; Hensher, D; Rose, J
16-Jul-2018Institutionalised Separation: The impact of selective schoolsHo, C
1-Jun-2018Asians always do well’: Getting behind the stereotypes of ‘ethnic success’ in NSWHo, C
1-Nov-2017‘They try to avoid.’ How do parents’ feelings about ethnicised and classed differences shape gentrifying school communities?Vincent, E; Butler, R; Ho, C
26-Oct-2017Asian migration and education cultures in the Anglo-sphereWatkins, M; Ho, C; Butler, R
26-Oct-2017‘Tutored within an inch of their life’: morality and ‘old’ and ‘new’ middle class identities in Australian schoolsButler, R; Ho, C; Vincent, E
26-Oct-2017The new meritocracy or over-schooled robots? Public attitudes on Asian–Australian education culturesHo, C
31-Dec-2014Everyday DiversityHo, C
Jan-2014Creativity, Culture and Cosmopolitanism: Community arts in multicultural SydneyHo, C
Jan-2013Addressing Diversity in Schools: Policies, Programs and Local RealitiesChodkiewicz, AK; Burridge, N; Jakubowicz, A; Ho, C
Jan-2013Conclusion: An Agenda for the Next DecadeJakubowicz, AH; Ho, C; Jakubowicz, A; Ho, C
Jan-2013Comparing Australian Multiculturalism: The International DimensionJakubowicz, AH; Jakubowicz, A; Ho, C
Jan-2013From Social Justice to Social Cohesion: A History of Australian Multicultural PolicyHo, C; Jakubowicz, A; Ho, C
Jan-2013The Realities of Australian MulticulturalismHo, C; Jakubowicz, AH; Jakubowicz, A; Ho, C
2013Racism and anti-racismNelson, J; Dunn, KM; Jakubowicz, A; Ho, C
Jan-2012Can Careers Cross Borders? Chinese women in the Australian workforceHo, C; Ghosh, D; Leigh, B
Jan-2012Can Careers Cross Borders? Chinese Women in the Australian WorkforceHo, C; Devleena Ghosh