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2021-03-01Experience effect in the impact of free trial promotionsReza, S; Ho, H; Ling, R; Shi, H
2021A sequence analysis approach to segmenting credit card customersHo, H; Tien, KM; Wu, A; Singh, S
2020-03-01Does ambidexterity in marketing pay off? The role of absorptive capacityHo, H; Osiyevskyy, O; Agarwal, J; Reza, S
2019-12-01Social Networking Site Use and Materialistic Values Among Youth: The Safeguarding Role of the Parent-Child Relationship and Self-RegulationHo, H; Shin, W; Lwin, MO
2019-07-08Consumption-oriented engagement in social network sites: Undesirable influence on personal well-beingHo, H; Ito, K
2019-01-01Who pays you to be green? How customers' environmental practices affect the sales benefits of suppliers' environmental practicesChen, CM; Ho, H
2015-01-01Performance implications of marketing exploitation and exploration: Moderating role of supplier collaborationHo, H; Lu, R
2015-01-01A comparison of isolated circulating tumor cells and tissue biopsies using whole-genome sequencing in prostate cancerJiang, R; Lu, YT; Ho, H; Li, B; Chen, JF; Lin, M; Li, F; Wu, K; Wu, H; Lichterman, J; Wan, H; Lu, CL; OuYang, W; Ni, M; Wang, L; Li, G; Lee, T; Zhang, X; Yang, J; Rettig, M; Chung, LWK; Yang, H; Li, KC; Hou, Y; Tseng, HR; Hou, S; Xu, X; Wang, J; Posadas, EM
2013-01Exact Solution to Predict Excess Pore Pressures and Settlement of Unsaturated Soil Deposit due to Uniform LoadingHo, H; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H; Robert, C
2012-01-01Learning in coopetitive relationshipsHo, H; Ganesan, S
2011-06-01The Impact of Store-Price Signals on Consumer Search and Store EvaluationHo, H; Ganesan, S; Oppewal, H
2007-01-01An exploratory cognitive business intelligence systemNiu, L; Lu, J; Chew, E; Zhang, G; Haas, LL; Kacprzyk, J; Motwani, R; Broder, A; Ho, H