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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05Software-Defined Virtual Sensors for Provisioning IoT Services on DemandNguyen, C; Hoang, D
2020Trust-based Scheduling Framework for Big Data Processing with MapReduceDang, D; Hoang, D; Nguyen, D
2019-11-29Realisation of congestion-aware energy-aware virtual link embeddingPham, MNT; Chaczko, Z; Hoang, D
2019-10-01MLAMAN: a novel multi-level authentication model and protocol for preventing wormhole attack in mobile ad hoc networkVo, TT; Luong, NT; Hoang, D
2019-01-01FAPRP: A Machine Learning Approach to Flooding Attacks Prevention Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksLuong, NT; Vo, TT; Hoang, D
2018-07-27Dirichlet-Based Initial Trust Establishment for Personal Space IoT SystemsNguyen, T; Hoang, D; Seneviratne, A
2018-07-03Exploring challenge-response mechanism designs for IoT initial trust establishmentNguyen, T; Hoang, D; Seneviratne, A
2017-11-20Initial trust establishment for personal space IoT systemsNguyen, T; Hoang, D; Nguyen, D; Seneviratne, A
2017-09-07FBRC: Optimization of task scheduling in fog-based region and cloudHoang, D; Dang, TD
2017-06-12A data protection model for fog computingDang, TD; Hoang, D
2017-01-13An intent-based network virtualization platform for SDNHan, Y; Li, J; Hoang, D; Yoo, JH; Hong, JWK
2016-11-23Data Mobility as a ServiceDang, TD; Hoang, D
2016-08-23A novel Hash-Based File Clustering scheme for efficient distributing, storing and retrieving of large scale Health RecordsDang, TD; Hoang, D; Nanda, P
2016-04-19Challenge-response trust assessment model for personal space IoTNguyen, T; Hoang, D; Seneviratne, A
2016-01-01A novel hash-based file clustering scheme for efficient distributing, storing, and retrieving of large scale health recordsDang, TD; Hoang, D; Nanda, P
2015-12-02Data mobility management model for active data cubesDang, TD; Hoang, D; Nanda, P
2015-01-01Health data in cloud environmentsHoang, D; Dat, DT
2014-01-01A hybrid domain enhanced framework for video retargeting with spatial-temporal importance and 3D grid optimizationWang, J; Xu, M; He, X; Lu, H; Hoang, D
2013-09-12Visual analytics for intrusion detection in spam emailsZhang, J; Huang, ML; Hoang, D
2010-12-01Protecting next generation high speed network protocol - UDT through generic security service application program interface - GSS-APIBernardo, DV; Hoang, D