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17-May-2019Toward an Active Aging Society: An IT Model to Engage the Aging PopulationHa, TV; Hoang, DB
16-Jan-2019Security threat probability computation using Markov Chain and Common Vulnerability Scoring SystemLe, NT; Hoang, DB
16-Jan-2019S-MANAGE Protocol for Software-Defined IoTNguyen, TMC; Hoang, DB
1-Jan-2019A Threat Computation Model using a Markov Chain and Common Vulnerability Scoring System and its Application to Cloud SecurityLe, NT; Hoang, DB
19-Apr-2018A software-defined model for IoT clusters: Enabling applications on demandNguyen, TMC; Hoang, DB; Dat Dang, T
27-Feb-2018An assistive healthcare platform for both social and service networking for engaging elderly peopleHa, TV; Hoang, DB
15-Dec-2017Toward a programmable software-defined IoT architecture for sensor service provision on demandNguyen, TMC; Hoang, DB; Dat Dang, T
8-Dec-2017SDS<inf>2</inf>: A novel software-defined security service for protecting cloud computing infrastructureFarahmandian, S; Hoang, DB
30-Nov-2017SDS2: A Novel Software-Defined Security Service for Protecting Cloud Computing InfrastructureFarahmandian, S; Hoang, DB
10-Nov-2017Security of Software-Defined Infrastructures with SDN, NFV, and Cloud Computing TechnologiesHoang, DB; Farahmandian, S; Zhu, S; Scott-Hayward, S; Jacquib, L; Hill, R
4-Aug-2017FBRC: Optimization of task scheduling in Fog-based Region and CloudDang, THANHD; Hoang, DB
1-May-2017Can SDN Technology Be Transported to Software-Defined WSN/IoT?Nguyen, TMC; Hoang, DB; Chaczko, Z
17-Jan-2017Can maturity models support cyber security?Le, NT; Hoang, DB
1-Jan-2017Capability maturity model and metrics framework for cyber cloud securityLe, NT; Hoang, DB
2017Data Protection and Mobility Management for CloudDang, D; Hoang, DB; Nanda, P; Kumar, V; Ko, R; Chaisiri, S
23-Dec-2016Security For Software-Defined (Cloud, SDN And NFV) Infrastructures – Issues And ChallengesFarahmandian, S; Hoang, DB
30-Jun-2016SDN applications - The intent-based Northbound Interface realisation for extended applicationsPham, M; Hoang, DB
8-Feb-2016Design of a Workflow-Based Grid FrameworkHoang, DB; Nguyen, BT
28-Dec-2015Software Defined Networking – Shaping up for the next disruptive step?Hoang, DB
20-Nov-2015On software-defined networking and the design of SDN controllersHoang, DB; Pham, M