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2014High Correlation of Double Debye Model Parameters in Skin Cancer DetectionTruong, BC; Hoang, TD; Fitzgerald, AJ; Wallace, VP; Nguyen, HT; Liang, Z-P
Jan-2013Monotonic Optimization Based Decoding For Linear CodesHoang, TD; Son, T; Tuy, H; Khoa, PT
Jan-2013Generalized S-Lemma and strong duality in nonconvex quadratic programmingTuy, H; Hoang, TD
Jan-2013Relay Beamforming Designs In Multi-user Wireless Relay Networks Based On Throughput Maximin OptimizationRashid, U; Nguyen, H; Hoang, TD
Jan-2013Joint Optimization of Source Power Allocation and Cooperative Beamforming for SC-FDMA Multi-User Multi-Relay NetworksHa, K; Hoang, TD; Nguyen, H
Jan-2013Optimized Linear Precoder in MIMO Interference Channel using D.C. ProgrammingHo, H; Che, E; Hoang, TD; N/A
Jan-2013Power allocation for Gaussian Mixture model prior knowledge in wirless sensor networksShaikh, ZA; Hoang, TD; NA
Jan-2013Iterative D.C. Optimization of Precoding in Wireless MIMO RelayingPhan, A; Hoang, TD; Ha, K; Nguyen, H
Jan-2013Optimization Of Cooperative Beamforming For Sc-fdma Multi-user Multi-relay Networks By Tractable D.c. ProgrammingHa, K; Hoang, TD; Nguyen, HH; Pham, TT
Jan-2013Debye Parameter Extraction for Characterizing Interaction of TeraHertz Radiation with Human Skin TissueTruong, BC; Hoang, TD; Ha, K; Nguyen, HT
Jan-2013Near-Infrared Parameters Extraction: A Potential Method to Detect Skin CancerTruong, BC; Hoang, TD; Nguyen, HT; Kenji Sunagawa
Jan-2013Decentralised Model Predictive Control with Asymptotically Positive RealnessHoang, TD; Savkin, AV; Nguyen, N; Nguyen, HT; Lin, H; Lu, J
Jan-2013Optimization of Hierarchical Modulation for Decode-and-Forward Wireless Relay NetworksPham, TT; Nguyen, H; Hoang, TD
12-Nov-2012Global optimization for human skin investigation in TeraHertzTruong, BC; Hoang, TD; Ha, K; Nguyen, HT; Khoo, MCK
2-Oct-2012System identification for Terahertz wave's propagation and reflection in human skinNguyen, HT; Truong, BC; Ha, K; Hoang, TD; NA
Jan-2012Training signal designs for spatially correlated multi-user multi-input multi-output with orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing systemsTran, N; Nguyen, H; Hoang, TD; Dodds, D
Jan-2012Relay Assignment For Max-Min Capacity In Cooperative Wireless NetworksPham, TT; Nguyen, HH; Hoang, TD
Jan-2012D.C. programming for cooperative beamforming in SC-FDMA multi-user multi-relay networksHa, K; Hoang, TD; Nguyen, HH; Pham, T; NA
Jan-2012Spectral optimization for beamforming in MIMO relay wireless networksPhan, AH; Hoang, TD; Ha, K; NA
Jan-2012Relay selection in multi-user amplify-forward wireless relay networksChe, E; Hoang, TD; Nguyen, HH; NA