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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-05Micronations and the Search for SovereigntyHobbs, H; Williams, G
2021-11-22Drawing an Implied Limitation to the Race PowerHobbs, H
2021-07-16First Nations, Settler Parliaments, and the Question of Consultation: Reconciling Parliamentary Supremacy and Indigenous Peoples’ Right to Self-DeterminationHobbs, H
2021-06-25Sovereign, Relational, Ready: Treaty Making Two Hundred and Fifty Years LaterHobbs, H; Whittaker, A; Coombes, L
2021-06-25Making Black stories matter: Understanding media narratives on Treaty and Aboriginal aspirationsThomas, A; Jakubowicz, A; Norman, H; Hobbs, H; Whittaker, A; Coombes, L
2021-06-01The demise of the ‘second largest country in Australia’: micronations and Australian exceptionalismHobbs, H; Williams, G
2021-04-22Micronations: A Lacuna in the LawThis is a pre-copyedited, author-produced version of an article accepted for publication in [International Journal of Constitutional Law] following peer review. The version of record [insert complete citation information here] is available online at:].; Hobbs, H; Williams, G
2021-03-29The Environment is All Rights: Human Rights, Constitutional Rights and Environmental RightsPepper, R; Hobbs, H
2021-01-21Redefining Citizenship in Australia, Canada, and Aotearoa New ZealandHobbs, H
2021-01-21Submission to the National Indigenous Australians Agency First Nations Voice Design Interim ReportHobbs, H
2021IntroductionHobbs, H; Whittaker, A; Coombes, L; Hobbs, H; Whittaker, A; Coombes, L
2021Treaty-Making: Critical Reflections on Critiques from AbroadYoung, S; Hobbs, H; Hobbs, H; Whittaker, A; Coombes, L
2020-12-09The Road to Uluru: Constitutional Recognition and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous PeoplesHobbs, H
2020-12-01Book Review: Indigenous Peoples, Consent and Rights: Troubling Subjects by Stephen YoungHobbs, H
2020-01-09Public Law, Legitimacy and Indigenous AspirationsHobbs, H; Varuhas, J; Stark, SW
2019-12-03Submission to the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships Path to Treaty Consultation 2019Hobbs, H
2019-11-01The participation of indigenous australians in legal education, 2001–18Hobbs, H; Williams, G
2019-09-20Treaty-Making in the Australian FederationHobbs, H; Williams, G
2019-09-02Protecting Religious Freedom in a Human Rights ActHobbs, H; Williams, G
2019-08-23Trust and the ConstitutionHobbs, H; Williams, G; Evans, M; Grattan, M; McCaffrie, B