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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Treaty making and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: lessons from emerging negotiations in AustraliaHobbs, H
1-Jun-2018The disqualification of dual citizens from parliament: Three problems and a solutionHobbs, H; Pillai, S; Williams, G
3-Apr-2018Constitutional recognition and reform: developing an inclusive Australian citizenship through treatyHobbs, H
1-Jan-2018Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and multinational federalism in AustraliaHobbs, H
2018The noongar settlement: Australia’s first treatyHobbs, H; Wlliams, G
2018Lessons from history in dealing with our most dangerousHobbs, H; Trotter, A
1-Dec-2017Appointing Attorneys-General to the High Court: A case for reformBai, J; Hobbs, H
1-Sep-2017The case for a national whole-of-government anti-corruption bodyHobbs, H; Williams, G
1-Mar-2017Towards a Principled Justification for the Mixed Composition of Hybrid International Criminal TribunalsHobbs, H
1-Jan-2017Democratic theory and constitutional design: Hearing persistent electoral minoritiesHobbs, H
2017The constitutional conventions and constitutional change: Making sense of multiple intentionsHobbs, H; Trotter, A
2017The High Court under Chief Justice Robert FrenchHobbs, H; Lynch, A; Williams, G
2016Revisiting the Scope of the Race Power after McCloyHobbs, H
2016Locating the logic of transitional justice in liberal democracies: native title in AustraliaHobbs, H; Hobbs, H
1-Jan-2015Finding a fair reflection on the high court of AustraliaHobbs, H
Mar-2014Putting the ‘Queen’ Back into QueenslandHobbs, H
2014How far have we really come? Civil and political rights in QueenslandHobbs, H; Hobbs, H; Trotter, A
2014The great leap backward: criminal law reform with the Hon Jarrod BleijieTrotter, A; Hobbs, H
2014Under the Oak Tree: Institutional Reform in the Deep NorthTrotter, A; Hobbs, H
2014A historical perspective on juvenile justice reform in QueenslandTrotter, A; Hobbs, H