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2024-05-02The Cinderella Stamps and Philatelic Practices of Micronations: The Materiality of Claims to StatehoodHobbs, H; Hohmann, J
2024-03-01The Internationalisation of Pseudolaw: The Growth of Sovereign Citizen Arguments in Australia and Aotearoa New ZealandHobbs, H; Young, S; McIntyre, J
2023-12-01An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament: What Can Australia Learn from Other CountriesHobbs, H; Wensing, E
2023-12-01Australian Parliaments and the PandemicHobbs, H; Williams, G
2023-12-01Cyber Micronations and Digital SovereigntyHobbs, H; Hayward, P; Motum, R
2023-08-01The Voice and its Constitutional Relationship to Parliament and GovernmentHobbs, H
2023-07-28Introducing the Symposium on the Voice to ParliamentHobbs, H
2023-04-03What actually is a treaty? What could it mean for Indigenous people?Hobbs, H; Norman, H; Walsh, M
2023-02-14The New Right and Aboriginal Rights in the High Court of AustraliaHobbs, H
2023-02-08The growth of pseudolaw and sovereign citizens in Aotearoa New Zealand courtsYoung, S; Hobbs, H; McIntyre, J
2023-02-04Imagining a Makarrata CommissionMorris, S; Hobbs, H
2023-01-01Indigeneity and Membership in Australia After LovePillai, S; Hobbs, H
2022-12-08Making up for Lost Time? First Peoples – State Treaty-Making in VictoriaHobbs, H; Larkin, D
2022-11-30Closing the Gap Refresh: Incorporating First Nations Voices in Policy DesignLarkin, D; Hobbs, H
2022-11How to Rule Your Own Country The Weird and Wonderful World of MicronationsHobbs, H; Williams, G
2022-03-03Unfinished Business? The Victorian Yoo-rrook Justice Commission and Truth-Telling in AustraliaHobbs, H
2022-03-03Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, Law Reform and the Return of the StatesLarkin, D; Hobbs, H; Lino, D; Maguire, A
2022-01-05Micronations and the Search for SovereigntyHobbs, H; Williams, G
2022-01-01Imagining a Makarrata CommissionMorris, S; Hobbs, H
2021-11-22Drawing an Implied Limitation to the Race PowerHobbs, H