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2022-05Congenital nystagmus in small incision lenticule extraction surgery.Huynh, T; Kairouz, S; Hodge, C
2022-04-01Prevalence of tear film hyperosmolarity in 1150 patients presenting for refractive surgery assessment.Xuan, R; Lawless, M; Sutton, G; Hodge, C
2022-03-01Response to "Bilateral Retinal Detachments in a Healthy 22-Year-Old Woman After Moderna SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination"R.Chen, SD; Hodge, C
2022-01-01Comment on: 'Acute macular neuroretinopathy following COVID-19 vaccination'.Chen, S; Hodge, C
2022Visual and Refractive Efficacy of Panoptix Toric Intraocular Lens in a Clinical Setting.Ackerman, M; Lawless, M; Levitz, L; Bhatt, U; Reich, JA; Sutton, G; Roberts, TV; Tenen, A; Kaur, A; Hodge, C
2021-09-30Author Correction: RNA-Seq analysis and comparison of corneal epithelium in keratoconus and myopia patients.You, J; Corley, SM; Wen, L; Hodge, C; Höllhumer, R; Madigan, MC; Wilkins, MR; Sutton, G
2021-03-01The Latest Evidence with Regards to Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery and Its Use Post 2020.Levitz, LM; Dick, HB; Scott, W; Hodge, C; Reich, JA
2021-02-18Human Material for Research: Eye Banking, Biobanking and Ethical AccessPollock,, G; Hodge, C; Sutton, G; Machin, H
2021Application of Collagen I and IV in Bioengineering Transparent Ocular Tissues.Song, Y; Overmass, M; Fan, J; Hodge, C; Sutton, G; Lovicu, FJ; You, J
2020-12Donation of discarded ocular tissue in patients undergoing SMILE laser refractive surgery: developing appropriate guidelines.Ghabcha, M; Sutton, G; Petsoglou, C; Treloggen, J; Lawless, M; Chan, C; Hodge, C
2020-10-02The learning effect of the King-Devick test in semi-professional rugby union athletes.Gunasekaran, P; Fraser, CL; Hodge, C
2020-09Understanding chord mu through a large population-based study.Jiang, JY; Hodge, C; Lawless, M
2020-08Total keratometry in intraocular lens power calculations in eyes with previous laser refractive surgery.Lawless, M; Jiang, JY; Hodge, C; Sutton, G; Roberts, TV; Barrett, G
2020-07Twenty-year review of donor characteristics in a single eye bank.Sutton, G; Treloggen, J; Petsoglou, C; Hodge, C
2020-04-01UV radiation and ocular damageSutton, G; Hodge, C
2020-03Ophthalmic use of amniotic membrane tissue in Australia: Introduction and initial use of a service.Treloggen, J; McKeon, H; Hodge, C; Petsoglou, C
2020-02A review of concussion diagnosis and management in Australian professional sporting codes.Gunasekaran, P; Hodge, C; Pearce, A; King, D; Fraser, C
2020-01Human Platelets and Derived Products in Treating Ocular Surface Diseases - A Systematic Review.You, J; Hodge, C; Hoque, M; Petsoglou, C; Sutton, G
2020-01Re-treatment in LASIK: To Flap Lift or Perform Surface Ablation.Chan, C; Lawless, M; Sutton, G; Hodge, C
2020Retinal nerve fibre changes in sports-related repetitive traumatic brain injury.Kelman, JC; Hodge, C; Stanwell, P; Mustafic, N; Fraser, CL