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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-09-23Property and the right to housingHohmann, J; Graham, N; Davies, M; Godden, L
2022-03-09Mercy Foundation Contribution to the List of Issues Prior to Reporting Australia 6th Reporting Cycle to the UN Committee on Economic Social and Cultural Rights, 70th Session (March 2022)Hohmann, J
2021-12-30Treaty Documents: Materialising International Legal AgreementHohmann, J; Biber, K; Luker, T; Vaughan, P
2021-11-18Introduction: Situating the Right to Continuous Improvement of Living Conditions and Considering its Interpretations and ApplicationsHohmann, J; Goldblatt, B; Hohmann, J; Goldblatt, B
2021-11-18Sources for a Nascent Interpretation of the Right to Continuous Improvement of Living Conditions: The Travaux Préparatoires and the Work of the CESCRHohmann, J; Hohmann, J; Goldblatt, B
2021-11-18The Right to the Continuous Improvement of Living Conditions Responding to Complex Global ChallengesHohmann, J; Goldblatt, B
2021-10-21The Work of Living: Social Reproduction and the Right to the Continuous Improvement of Living ConditionsGoldblatt, B; Hohmann, J; Goldblatt, B
2021-04-13Diffuse subjects and dispersed power: New materialist insights and cautionary lessons for international lawHohmann, J
2021IntroductionHohmann, J; Goldblatt, B
2021Sources for a Nascent Interpretation of the Right to Continuous Improvement of Living ConditionsHohmann, J
2020-12-14Toward a right to housing for Australia: Reframing affordability debates through article 11(1) of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural RightsHohmann, J
2019-09-13The Elements of Adequate Housing: Grenfell as ViolationHohmann, J
2019-09-05‘Kell v Canada: Revaluating the CEDAW Decision in a Feminist Light’Buckner Inniss, L; Hohmann, J; Tramontana, E; Hodson, L; Lavers, T
2019-07-26The right to housingHohmann, J
2019-02-07IntroductionHohmann, J
2019‘The Right to Housing: A Research Agenda’Hohmann, J; moos, M
2018-12-20PassportDehm, S; Hohmann, J; Joyce, D
2018‘The Treaty 8 Typewriter: Tracing the Roles of Material Things in Imagining, Realising and Resisting Colonial Worlds’Hohmann, J
2018‘Resisting Dehumanising Housing Policy: The Case for a Right to Housing in England’Hohmann, J
2018‘The UNDRIP and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples to Existence, Cultural Integrity and Identity, and Non-Assimilation: Articles 7(2), 8, and 43’Hohmann, J; Hohmann, J; Weller, M