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2023-09A scoping review of nurse-led randomised controlled trials.Eckert, M; Kennedy, K; Neylon, K; Rickard, CM; Keogh, S; Gray, R; Middleton, S; Homer, C; Whitehead, L; Sharplin, G
2023-09Midwife led randomised controlled trials in Australia and New Zealand: A scoping review.Homer, C; Neylon, K; Kennedy, K; Baird, K; Gilkison, A; Keogh, S; Middleton, S; Gray, R; Whitehead, L; Finn, J; Rickard, C; Sharplin, G; Neville, S; Eckert, M
2023-08Global complacency with perpetuation of gender oppression in maternity care pride and gender transformation.Anderson, R; Williams, A; von Kalm, H; Bazirete, O; Al-Khair, H; Nur, M; Homer, C
2023-01-03Knowledge, attitudes and behaviours surrounding preconception and pregnancy health: an Australian cross-sectional survey.Musgrave, L; Homer, C; Gordon, A
2022-12Drivers of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among women of childbearing age in Victoria, Australia: A descriptive qualitative study.Oliver, J; Kaufman, J; Bagot, K; Bradfield, Z; Homer, C; Gibney, KB; Danchin, M
2022-10-01Nurse- and midwife-led trials in Australia and New Zealand: Scoping review protocolFish, JA; Rickard, CM; Gray, R; Middleton, S; Homer, C; Keogh, S; Leslie, G; Nemeh, F; Neville, S; Sharplin, G; Whitehead, L; Yates, P; Eckert, M
2022-09-05Multicountry study protocol of COCOON: COntinuing Care in COVID-19 Outbreak global survey of New, expectant, and bereaved parent experiencesLoughnan, SA; Gautam, R; Silverio, SA; Boyle, FM; Cassidy, J; Ellwood, D; Homer, C; Horey, D; Leisher, SH; De Montigny, F; Murphy, M; O'Donoghue, K; Quigley, P; Ravaldi, C; Sandall, J; Storey, C; Vannacci, A; Wilson, AN; Flenady, V
2022-09-01O33 “I think we should pull together as a team”- Together on the path to the top: Interdisciplinary collaboration in partnership with women on long-term health after hypertensive disorder of pregnancyRoth, H; Morcos, V; Roberts, L; Hanley, L; Henry, A; Homer, C
2022-09O88 Understanding women’s needs and preferences for pregnancy information in AustraliaMusgrave, L; Sheehy, A; Homer, C; Gordon, A
2022-09O51 Reviewing the evidence: preconception behaviour change through mobile phone appsMusgrave, L; Cheney, K; Dorney, E; Homer, C; Gordon, A
2022-07"Never let a good crisis go to waste": Positives from disrupted maternity care in Australia during COVID-19.Kluwgant, D; Homer, C; Dahlen, H
2022-07Community-based doulas for migrant and refugee women: a mixed-method systematic review and narrative synthesis.Khaw, SM-L; Zahroh, RI; O'Rourke, K; Dearnley, RE; Homer, C; Bohren, MA
2022-04Access to, and experiences of, maternity care for women with physical disabilities: A scoping review.Blair, A; Cao, J; Wilson, A; Homer, C
2022-03-04Pregnancy in the Time of COVID-19: What Are the Challenges for Maternity Care?Moderator:,; Hui, L; Experts:,; Knight, M; Edlow, A; Homer, C; Danchin, M
2022-01-03Looking back - Looking forward - A new year.Homer, C
2022-01-01Outcomes to measure the effects of pharmacological interventions for pain management for women during labour and birth: a review of systematic reviews and randomised trials.Tan, A; Wilson, AN; Eghrari, D; Clark, H; Tse, WC; Bohren, MA; Homer, C; Vogel, JP
2022-01-01World Health Organization and knowledge translation in maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health and nutrition.STAGE (Strategic Technical Advisory Group of Experts),; Duke, T; AlBuhairan, FS; Agarwal, K; Arora, NK; Arulkumaran, S; Bhutta, ZA; Binka, F; Castro, A; Claeson, M; Dao, B; Darmstadt, GL; English, M; Jardali, F; Merson, M; Ferrand, RA; Golden, A; Golden, MH; Homer, C; Jehan, F; Kabiru, CW; Kirkwood, B; Lawn, JE; Li, S; Patton, GC; Ruel, M; Sandall, J; Sachdev, HS; Tomlinson, M; Waiswa, P; Walker, D; Zlotkin, S
2022-01Private provider incentives in health care: The case of caesarean birthsYu, S; Fiebig, DG; Viney, R; Scarf, V; Homer, C
2021-09-01773Triple elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B in the Pacific IslandsVan Gemert, C; Hellard, M; Howell, J; O'Connor, M; Cowie, B; Allard, N; Homer, C; Brink, A; Chan, P-L; Kaldor, J; Hockin, J
2021-09WHO next-generation partograph: revolutionary steps towards individualised labour care.Hofmeyr, GJ; Bernitz, S; Bonet, M; Bucagu, M; Dao, B; Downe, S; Galadanci, H; Homer, C; Hundley, V; Lavender, T; Levy, B; Lissauer, D; Lumbiganon, P; McConville, FE; Pattinson, R; Qureshi, Z; Souza, JP; Stanton, ME; Ten Hoope-Bender, P; Vannevel, V; Vogel, JP; Oladapo, OT