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5-Oct-2017Incidence, risk factors and perinatal outcomes for placenta accreta in Australia and New Zealand: a case-control study.Farquhar, CM; Li, Z; Lensen, S; McLintock, C; Pollock, W; Peek, MJ; Ellwood, D; Knight, M; Homer, CS; Vaughan, G; Wang, A; Sullivan, E
May-2017Midwifery continuity of carer in an area of high socio-economic disadvantage in London: A retrospective analysis of Albany Midwifery Practice outcomes using routine data (1997-2009).Homer, CS; Leap, N; Edwards, N; Sandall, J
30-Mar-2017Community-based misoprostol for the prevention of post-partum haemorrhage: A narrative review of the evidence base, challenges and scale-up.Hobday, K; Hulme, J; Belton, S; Homer, CS; Prata, N
1-Jan-2017Using video in childbirth research: ethical approval challengesHarte, D; Homer, CS; Sheehan, A; Leap, N; Foureur, M
2017'Stress, anger, fear and injustice': An international qualitative survey of women's experiences planning a vaginal breech birth.Petrovska, K; Watts, NP; Catling, C; Bisits, A; Homer, CS
Oct-2016Models of maternity care: evidence for midwifery continuity of care.Homer, CS
31-Mar-2016Narrowing the Gap? Describing women's outcomes in Midwifery Group Practice in remote Australia.Lack, BM; Smith, RM; Arundell, MJ; Homer, CS
1-Jan-2016Models of postnatal care for low-income countries: A review of the literaturePascal, M; Homer, CS
1-Dec-2015The Rate and Cost of Nurse Turnover in AustraliaRoche, MA; Duffield, CM; Homer, CS; Buchan, J; Dimitrelis, S
Oct-2015A systematic review of doctors' experiences and needs to support the care of women with female genital mutilation.Dawson, A; Homer, CS; Turkmani, S; Black, K; Varol, N
Sep-2015Midwives' experiences of caring for women with female genital mutilation: Insights and ways forward for practice in Australia.Dawson, AJ; Turkmani, S; Varol, N; Nanayakkara, S; Sullivan, E; Homer, CS
2015Using video in childbirth research: ethical approval challengesHarte, D; Homer, CS; Sheehan, A; Leap, N; Foureur, M
Dec-2014A comparative review of nurse turnover rates and costs across countriesDuffield, CM; Roche, MA; Homer, CS; Buchan, J; Dimitrelis, S
10-Sep-2014"Wrapping myself in cotton wool": Australian women's experience of being diagnosed with vasa praeviaJavid, N; Sullivan, E; Halliday, LE; Duncombe, G; Homer, CS
31-Jul-2014Women's Satisfaction with hospital-based intrapartum care: A Jordanian StudyMohammad, KI; Shaban, IA; Homer, CS; Creedy, D
Jul-2014The influences on women who chose publicly-funded homebirth in AustraliaCatling, C; Dahlen, H; Homer, CS
8-Apr-2014Nursing churn and turnover in Australian hospitals: nurses perceptions and suggestions for supportive strategiesDawson, A; Stasa, H; Roche, MA; Homer, CS; Duffield, CM
Mar-2014The self-prescibed use of aromatherapy oils by pregnant womenSibbritt, D; Catling, C; Adams, J; Shaw, A; Homer, CS
6-Jan-2014Rating and Ranking the Role of Bibliometrics and Webometrics in Nursing and MidwiferyDavidson, PM; Newton, PJ; Ferguson, C; Daly, J; Elliott, D; Homer, CS; Duffield, CM; Jackson, DE
Jan-2014Routine care of postpartum womenAtchan, MA; Homer, CS; Abbott, J; Bowyer, L; Finn, M