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2023-12-05Neglected medium-term and long-term consequences of labour and childbirth: a systematic analysis of the burden, recommended practices, and a way forward.Vogel, JP; Jung, J; Lavin, T; Simpson, G; Kluwgant, D; Abalos, E; Diaz, V; Downe, S; Filippi, V; Gallos, I; Galadanci, H; Katageri, G; Homer, CSE; Hofmeyr, GJ; Liabsuetrakul, T; Morhason-Bello, IO; Osoti, A; Souza, JP; Thakar, R; Thangaratinam, S; Oladapo, OT
2023-10-17Midwife-led birthing centres in four countries: a case study.Bazirete, O; Hughes, K; Lopes, SC; Turkmani, S; Abdullah, AS; Ayaz, T; Clow, SE; Epuitai, J; Halim, A; Khawaja, Z; Mbalinda, SN; Minnie, K; Nabirye, RC; Naveed, R; Nawagi, F; Rahman, F; Rasheed, SI; Rehman, H; Nove, A; Forrester, M; Mandke, S; Pairman, S; Homer, CSE
2023-10Collaborative relationships between doulas and maternity care providers when supporting migrant women during labour and birth.Khaw, SM-L; Homer, CSE; Dearnley, R; O'Rourke, K; Akter, S; Bohren, MA
2023-09-23Educational interventions targeting pregnant women to optimise the use of caesarean section: What are the essential elements? A qualitative comparative analysis.Zahroh, RI; Sutcliffe, K; Kneale, D; Vazquez Corona, M; Betrán, AP; Opiyo, N; Homer, CSE; Bohren, MA
2023-09A qualitative study on community-based doulas' roles in providing culturally-responsive care to migrant women in Australia.Khaw, SM-L; Homer, CSE; Dearnley, RE; O'Rourke, K; Akter, S; Bohren, MA
2023-07Preterm Birth and Total Health Care Use and Costs in the First 5 Years of Life: A Population-based Study.Yu, S; Lui, K; Fiebig, DG; Travadi, J; Homer, CSE; Sinclair, L; Scarf, V; Viney, R
2023-06Progress towards triple elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, hepatitis B and syphilis in Pacific Island Countries and Territories: a systematic review.Bell, L; van Gemert, C; Allard, N; Brink, A; Chan, P-L; Cowie, B; Hellard, M; Homer, CSE; Howell, J; O'Connor, M; Hocking, J
2023-05-01Prevalence of Perinatal Depression in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.Roddy Mitchell, A; Gordon, H; Lindquist, A; Walker, SP; Homer, CSE; Middleton, A; Cluver, CA; Tong, S; Hastie, R
2023-04-19Addressing Preconception Behavior Change Through Mobile Phone Apps: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.Musgrave, L; Cheney, K; Dorney, E; Homer, CSE; Gordon, A
2023-03-01Improving maternal and newborn health and reducing stillbirths in the Western Pacific Region – current situation and the way forwardVallely, LM; Calvert, B; De Silva, M; Panisi, L; Babona, D; Bolnga, J; Duro-Aina, T; Noovao-Hill, A; Naidu, S; Leisher, S; Flenady, V; Smith, RM; Vogel, JP; Homer, CSE
2023-01-26Low knowledge of newborn danger signs among pregnant women in Papua New Guinea and implications for health seeking behaviour in early infancy - findings from a longitudinal study.Eghrari, D; Scoullar, MJL; Wilson, AN; Peach, E; Elijah, A; Melepia, P; SupSup, H; Vallely, LM; Siba, PM; Kennedy, EC; Vogel, JP; Homer, CSE; Robinson, LJ; Fowkes, FJI; Pomat, W; Crabb, BS; Beeson, JG; Morgan, CJ
2023-01-20Implementing the WHO Labour Care Guide to reduce the use of Caesarean section in four hospitals in India: protocol and statistical analysis plan for a pragmatic, stepped-wedge, cluster-randomized pilot trial.Vogel, JP; Pingray, V; Althabe, F; Gibbons, L; Berrueta, M; Pujar, Y; Somannavar, M; Vernekar, SS; Ciganda, A; Rodriguez, R; Welling, SA; Revankar, A; Bendigeri, S; Kumar, JA; Patil, SB; Karinagannanavar, A; Anteen, RR; Pavithra, MR; Shetty, S; Latha, B; Megha, HM; Gaddi, SS; Chikkagowdra, S; Raghavendra, B; Armari, E; Scott, N; Eddy, K; Homer, CSE; Goudar, SS
2023-01-01Economic evaluations of maternal health interventions: a scoping reviewEddy, KE; Eggleston, A; Chim, ST; Zahroh, RI; Sebastian, E; Bykersma, C; McDonald, S; Homer, CSE; Scott, N; Chou, D; Oladapo, OT; Vogel, JP
2023"Tell us what's going on": Exploring the information needs of pregnant and post-partum women in Australia during the pandemic with 'Tweets', 'Threads', and women's views.Caddy, C; Cheong, M; Lim, MSC; Power, R; Vogel, JP; Bradfield, Z; Coghlan, B; Homer, CSE; Wilson, AN; Gill, SA
2023An evaluation of the introduction of telehealth for remote antenatal and postnatal contacts in Bangladesh and Lao People's Democratic Republic during the COVID-19 pandemic.Turkmani, S; Smith, RM; Tan, A; Kamkong, CB; Anderson, R; Sakulku, S; Jat, TR; Biswas, A; Homer, CSE; Haider, MR
2023Exploring networks of care in implementing midwife-led birthing centres in low- and middle-income countries: A scoping review.Turkmani, S; Nove, A; Bazirete, O; Hughes, K; Pairman, S; Callander, E; Scarf, V; Forrester, M; Mandke, S; Homer, CSE; McCall, SJ
2023Strengthening midwifery in the South-East Asian region: A scoping review of midwifery-related research.Griffin, G; Bradfield, Z; Than, KK; Smith, R; Tanimizu, A; Raina, N; Homer, CSE; Sarmiento, I
2023The MidPIC study: Midwives' knowledge, perspectives and learning needs regarding preconception and interconception care.Bradfield, Z; Leefhelm, E; Soh, S-E; Black, KI; Boyle, JA; Kuliukas, L; Harrison, C; Homer, CSE; Smith, RM; Skouteris, H; Bulto, GA
2023Comparing the accuracy of an ultrasound height measurement device with a wooden measurement board among children aged 2-5 years in rural Lao People's Democratic Republic: A methods-comparison study.Huang, S; Conkle, J; Homer, CSE; Kounnavong, S; Phongluxa, K; Vogel, JP; Rahman, S
2023Impact of COVID-19 on routine childhood immunisations in low- and middle-income countries: A scoping review.Dalton, M; Sanderson, B; Robinson, LJ; Homer, CSE; Pomat, W; Danchin, M; Vaccher, S; Babu, GR