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2022-06-01Quality newborn care in East New Britain, Papua New Guinea: measuring early newborn care practices and identifying opportunities for improvement.Wilson, AN; Melepia, P; Suruka, R; Hezeri, P; Kabiu, D; Babona, D; Wapi, P; Spotswood, N; Bohren, MA; Vogel, JP; Kelly-Hanku, A; Morgan, A; Beeson, JG; Morgan, C; Vallely, LM; Waramin, EJ; Scoullar, MJL; Homer, CSE
2022-05-26Preferences of Australian healthcare providers regarding education on long-term health after hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: a qualitative study.Roth, H; Morcos, V; Roberts, LM; Hanley, L; Homer, CSE; Henry, A
2022-05Indonesian midwives' perspectives on changes in the provision of maternity care during the COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative study.Hazfiarini, A; Zahroh, RI; Akter, S; Homer, CSE; Bohren, MA
2022-03-01Challenges and Suggestions to Promote Maternal Service Provision and Utilization Under the Free Maternal Health Policy in Ghana: Perspectives of Health Directors and Facility ManagersDalinjong, PA; Wang, AY; Homer, CSE
2022-03Country or Region of Birth and Hospital Admission for Mental Disorders After Birth: A Study Based on Population Data of New South Wales, Australia, 2003-2009.Zhao, Y; Zhao, J; Xu, F; Boyce, P; Homer, CSE
2022-02-17Inequalities in women's utilization of postnatal care services in Bangladesh from 2004 to 2017.Aziz, S; Basit, A; Sultana, S; Homer, CSE; Vogel, JP
2022-02-07Depression, anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder six months following preeclampsia and normotensive pregnancy: a P4 study.Roberts, L; Henry, A; Harvey, SB; Homer, CSE; Davis, GK
2022Factors affecting the use of antibiotics and antiseptics to prevent maternal infection at birth: A global mixed-methods systematic review.Eddy, KE; Zahroh, RI; Bohren, MA; Bonet, M; Homer, CSE; Vogel, JP
2022Vaccination in pregnancy: The role of the midwife.Homer, CSE; Javid, N; Wilton, K; Bradfield, Z
2021-12-21Funding received from breastmilk substitute manufacturers and policy positions of national maternity care provider associations: an online cross-sectional review.Qassin, S; Homer, CSE; Wilson, AN
2021-11-27The State of the World's Midwifery 2021 report: findings to drive global policy and practice.Nove, A; Ten Hoope-Bender, P; Boyce, M; Bar-Zeev, S; de Bernis, L; Lal, G; Matthews, Z; Mekuria, M; Homer, CSE
2021-11Exploring education preferences of Australian women regarding long-term health after hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: a qualitative perspective.Roth, H; Henry, A; Roberts, L; Hanley, L; Homer, CSE
2021-10-11'We are going into battle without appropriate armour': A qualitative study of Indonesian midwives' experiences in providing maternity care during the COVID-19 pandemic.Hazfiarini, A; Akter, S; Homer, CSE; Zahroh, RI; Bohren, MA
2021-09-13Childbearing women's experiences of the maternity care system in Australia during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.Sweet, L; Wilson, AN; Bradfield, Z; Hauck, Y; Kuliukas, L; Homer, CSE; Szabo, RA; Wynter, K; Vasilevski, V
2021-08-18Advocating for midwives in low-to-middle income countries in the COVID-19 pandemic.Adnani, QES; O'Connell, MA; Homer, CSE
2021-07Becoming a mother in the 'new' social world in Australia during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.Sweet, L; Bradfield, Z; Vasilevski, V; Wynter, K; Hauck, Y; Kuliukas, L; Homer, CSE; Szabo, RA; Wilson, AN
2021-07Defining Preterm Birth and Stillbirth in the Western Pacific: A Systematic Review.Connolly, M; Phung, L; Farrington, E; Scoullar, MJL; Wilson, AN; Comrie-Thomson, L; Homer, CSE; Vogel, JP
2021-06-27Australian women's experiences of receiving maternity care during the COVID-19 pandemic: A cross-sectional national survey.Wilson, AN; Sweet, L; Vasilevski, V; Hauck, Y; Wynter, K; Kuliukas, L; Szabo, RA; Homer, CSE; Bradfield, Z
2021-06-05Midwifery continuity of care and vaginal birth after caesarean section: A randomised controlled trial.Homer, CSE; Davis, DL; Mollart, L; Turkmani, S; Smith, RM; Bullard, M; Leiser, B; Foureur, M
2021-06Rethinking the use of 'vulnerable'.Munari, SC; Wilson, AN; Blow, NJ; Homer, CSE; Ward, JE