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17-Sep-2017A pedagogical framework for facilitating parents' learning in nurse-parent partnership.Hopwood, N; Clerke, C; Nguyen, A
1-Jun-2017Double stimulation “in the wild”: Services for families with children at-riskHopwood, N; Gottschalk, B
1-Mar-2017Using professional expertise in partnership with families: a new model of capacity- buildingClerke, T; Hopwood, N; Chavasse, F; Fowler, C; Lee, S; Rogers, J
19-Feb-2017Practice, the body and pedagogy: attuning as a basis for pedagogies of the unknownHopwood, N; Grootenboer, P; Edwards-Groves, C; Choy, S
31-Jan-2017Unfolding Practices: A Sociomaterial View of Interprofessional Collaboration in Health CareLindh Falk, A; Hopwood, N; Abrandt Dahlgren, M
1-Jan-2017Practice architectures of simulation pedagogy: From fidelity to transformationHopwood, N; Mahon,, K; Francisco, S; Kemmis, S
1-Jan-2017How common knowledge is constructed and why it matters in collaboration between professionals and clientsHopwood, N; Edwards, A
1-Jan-2017Sociomaterial perspectives on work and learning: sites of emergent learningReich, A; Rooney, D; Hopwood, N
1-Jan-2017Expertise, learning, and agency in partnership practices in services for families with young childrenHopwood, N; Edwards,, A
2017Agency, learning and knowledge work: epistemic dilemmas in professional practicesHopwood, N; Goller, M; Paloniemi, S
22-Nov-2016Using a cultural-historical approach to promote Gross National Happiness (GNH) in Bhutan: prospects for research and practiceHopwood, N; Sherab, K; Kumar Rai, B; Lhendup, K
26-Jun-2016Professional pedagogies of parenting that build resilience through partnership with families at-risk: a cultural-historical approachHopwood, N; Clerke, T
11-May-2016Theorising simulation in higher education: difficulty for learners as an emergent phenomenonAbrandt Dahlgren, M; Fenwick, T; Hopwood, N
17-Mar-2016Enhancing students' learning through simulation: dealing with diverse, large cohortsKelly, M; Hopwood, N; Rooney, D; Boud, D
28-Jan-2016Simulation in Higher Education: A sociomaterial viewHopwood, N; Rooney, D; Boud, D; Kelly, M
2016Partnership practice as collaborative knowledge work: overcoming common dilemmas through an augmented view of professional expertiseHopwood, N; Edwards, A; Day, C
2016Professional practice and learning: times, spaces, bodies, thingsHopwood, N
4-Aug-2015The Role of Simulation in Pedagogies of Higher Education for the Health Professions: Through a Practice-Based LensRooney, DL; Hopwood, N; Boud, D; Kelly, M
2015Conceptualising the PhD as preparing for academic practice in geographyHopwood, N; McAlpine, L
2015Relational geometries of the body: doing ethnographic fieldworkHopwood, N; Green, B; Hopwood, N