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2023-02'it was that … specialist … that finally listened to us … that's probably a weird answer to what you were expecting': Clinician and carer perspectives on brilliant feeding care.Dadich, A; Kaplun, S; Kaplun, C; Hopwood, N; Elliot, C
2022-11-18Simulation as a Transformative Pedagogy: Challenging Normativity and Embracing EmergenceAbrandt Dahlgren, M; Hopwood, N
2022-09-30Connective Enactment and Collective Accomplishment in Professional PracticesKemmis, S; Hopwood, N
2022-05-31Professional learning in clinical supervision: highlighting knowledge workGottschalk, B; Hopwood, N
2022-04-01Forward anchoring in transformative agency: How parents of children with complex feeding difficulties transcend the status quoHopwood, N; Pointon, K; Dadich, A; Moraby, K; Elliot, C
2022-01-01Agency in cultural-historical activity theory: strengthening commitment to social transformationHopwood, N
2021-10-26Clinician and carer moral concerns when caring for children who tube-feed.Dadich, A; Hockey, K; Kaplun, C; Fleming, C; Hopwood, N; Moraby, K; Elliot, C
2021-09-02Provocations and possibilities in professional practice, education, and learningHopwood, N; Reich, A; Rooney, D; McManus, J
2021-08-20From response and adaptation to learning, agency and contribution: making the theory of practice architectures dangerousHopwood, N
2021-04-21How is Brilliance Enacted in Professional Practices? Insights from the Theory of Practice ArchitecturesHopwood, N; Dadich, A; Elliot, C; Moraby, K
2021-02Paediatric tube-feeding: An agenda for care improvement and research.Hopwood, N; Moraby, K; Dadich, A; Gowans, J; Pointon, K; Ierardo, A; Reilly, C; Syrmis, M; Frederiksen, N; Disher-Quill, K; Scheuring, N; Heves, R; Elliot, C
2021-01-01Changing the World for Children with Complex Feeding Difficulties: Cultural-Historical Analyses of Transformative AgencyHopwood, N; Elliot, C; Pointon, K
2021-01-01Secondary school students’ perceptions and experiences of learning science and mathematics: the case of BhutanUtha, K; Subba, BH; Mongar, BB; Hopwood, N; Pressick-Kilborn, K
2021-01-01How Professional Education Can Foster Praxis and Critical Praxis: An Example of Changing Practice in HealthcareHopwood, N; Blomberg, M; Dahlberg, J; Dahlgren, MA
2020-09-09Parenting children who are enterally fed: How families go from surviving to thriving.Hopwood, N; Elliot, C; Moraby, K; Dadich, A
2020Transforming trajectories for disadvantaged young children: lessons from Tasmania’s Child and Family CentresHopwood, N
2019-12-01Practices and knowing in transnational knowledge-intensive service provisionHydle, KM; Hopwood, N
2019-09-03Learning and expertise in support for parents of children at risk: a cultural-historical analysis of partnership practicesHopwood, N; Mäkitalo, Å
2019-07-15Epistemic Practices in Professional-Client Partnership WorkHopwood, N; Nerland, M
2019-02-01New challenges in psycho-oncology: An embodied approach to body imageHopwood, P; Hopwood, N