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2014Qualitative Research: The Optimal Scholarly Means of Understanding the Patient ExperienceCleary, M; Escott, P; Horsfall, J; Walter, G; Jackson, DE
Jan-2013A good day in nursing: Views of recent Singaporean graduatesCleary, M; Horsfall, J; Muthulakshmi, P; Jackson, DE
Jan-2013Recent graduate nurse views of nursing, work and leadershipCleary, M; Horsfall, J; Jackson, DE; Muthulakshmi, P; Hunt, GE
Dec-2012Mental health nurses' views on therapeutic optimism.Cleary, M; Horsfall, J; O'Hara-Aarons, M; Hunt, GE
Jan-2012Mental health nurses' perceptions of good work in an acute settingHorsfall, J; O'Hara-Aarons, M; Jackson, DE; Cleary, M; Hunt, GE
Jan-2012Views and experiences of mental health nurses working with undergraduate assistants in nursing in an acute mental health settingHorsfall, J; O'Hara-Aarons, M; Mannix, J; Jackson, DE; Hunt, GE; Cleary, M
Jan-2012Patients' views and experiences of pro re nata medication in acute mental health settingsHorsfall, J; Jackson, DE; O'Hara-Aarons, M; Hunt, GE; Cleary, M
Jan-2012Ethical Conduct In Nurse Education: Creating Safe Staff-Student BoundariesCleary, M; Horsfall, J; Jackson, DE; Hunt, GE
Jan-2011Valuing teamwork: Insights from newly-registered nurses working in specialist mental health servicesCleary, M; Horsfall, J; Mannix, J; O'Hara-Aarons, M; Jackson, DE
Jan-2011Mental Health Nursing: Transitions from clinical roles to academiaCleary, M; Horsfall, J; Jackson, DE
Jan-2011The views of mental health nurses on continuing professional developmentCleary, M; Horsfall, J; O'Hara-Aarons, M; Jackson, DE; Hunt, GE
Jan-2011Leadership and Mental Health NursingCleary, M; Horsfall, J; Deacon, M; Jackson, DE