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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-11-29North West Greyhound and Harness Tracks Preferred greyhound track designEager, D; Hossain, MI
2022-09-01Delineating Flood Zones upon Employing Synthetic Aperture Data for the 2020 Flood in BangladeshAziz, MA; Moniruzzaman, M; Tripathi, A; Hossain, MI; Ahmed, S; Rahaman, KR; Rahman, F; Ahmed, R
2022-07-15Results and recommendations from on-track testing of impact attenuation padding for injury preventionEager, D; Hossain, MI
2022-06-12Cranbourne 2-turn track rebuilt options reportEager, D; Hossain, MI
2022-04-19Mowbray (Launceston) greyhound racing track upgrade: 1-turn v 2-turn comparison – Report 10Eager, D; Hossain, MI
2022-04-07The Option E Sale greyhound track cross-fall optimisationEager, D; Hossain, MI
2022-03-09The proposed Sale greyhound track rebuild designEager, D; Hossain, MI
2022-03-01Managing greyhound congestion through lure driving changes - UTS feedbackEager, D; Hossain, MI; Ishac, K
2022-01-01Simulating Theoretical Jerk by Numerical Modelling for Greyhound RacingHossain, MI; Eager, D; Wagner, G; Werner, F; DeRango, F
2021-11-05Greater Brisbane Greyhound Centre: An analysis of the catching pens for the three pre-construction tracksHossain, MI; Eager, D
2021-11-01North West Greyhound and Harness Tracks Report 8: Dynamic modelling and optimisation of the Option H greyhound track designEager, D; Hossain, MI
2021-10-11Sale Greyhound Track - Analysis of four proposed track modificationsEager, D; Hossain, MI
2021-10-11Mowbray (Launceston) greyhound racing track upgrade – Report 7Hossain, MI; Eager, D
2021-10-01Additional criteria for playground impact attenuating sandEager, D; Chapman, C; Qi, Y; Ishac, K; Hossain, MI
2021-10-01North West Greyhound and Harness Tracks Four inner greyhound track design variations for discussionEager, D; Hossain, MI
2021-09-21Launceston Greyhound Racing Club (Mowbray) Report 5: Analysis of a greyhound track positioned inside the harness trackEager, D; Hossain, MI
2021-09-14North West Greyhound and Harness Tracks Comparison of four inner track designs with the outside C-shaped track designEager, D; Hossain, MI
2021-09-01Comparison of the existing Devonport greyhound track with the proposed North West C-shaped greyhound trackEager, D; Hossain, MI
2021-08-10North West Greyhound and Harness Track Greyhound track outside Harness track Concept 6Eager, D; Hossain, MI
2021-08-04Greater Brisbane Greyhound Centre: Report 7 Comparison of the 2-turn 52 m radius with the 56 m radius track designEager, D; Hossain, MI