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2023-04Hydrogen electrolyser technologies and their modelling for sustainable energy production: A comprehensive review and suggestionsArsad, AZ; Hannan, MA; Al-Shetwi, AQ; Begum, RA; Hossain, MJ; Ker, PJ; Mahlia, TI
2023-02-01Artificial Intelligence for Hosting Capacity Analysis: A Systematic Literature ReviewIslam, MT; Hossain, MJ
2023-02State of the art of lithium-ion battery material potentials: An analytical evaluations, issues and future research directionsAbu, SM; Hannan, MA; Lipu, MSH; Mannan, M; Ker, PJ; Hossain, MJ; Mahlia, TMI
2022-12-01Impact Assessment of COVID-19 Severity on Environment, Economy and Society towards Affecting Sustainable Development GoalsHannan, MA; Abd Rahman, MS; Al-Shetwi, AQ; Begum, RA; Ker, PJ; Mansor, M; Mia, MS; Hossain, MJ; Dong, ZY; Mahlia, TMI
2022-12-01Thermally degraded speed estimation of traction machine drive in electric vehicleAli, SMN; Hossain, MJ; Wang, D; Mahmud, MAP; Sharma, V; Kashif, M; Kouzani, AZ
2022-11-01Distributed DC-Bus Signaling Control of Photovoltaic Systems in Islanded DC MicrogridPoursafar, N; Hossain, MJ; Taghizadeh, S
2022-10-01Fault-Tolerant Operation of Bidirectional ZSI-Fed Induction Motor Drive for Vehicular ApplicationsSharma, V; Hossain, MJ; Mukhopadhyay, S
2022-10-01Transactive energy for low voltage residential networks: A reviewNizami, S; Tushar, W; Hossain, MJ; Yuen, C; Saha, T; Poor, HV
2022-09-01A benchmark model for low voltage distribution networks with PV systems and smart inverter control techniquesIbrahim, IA; Hossain, MJ
2022-09-01Multi-Energy Microgrids Incorporating EV Integration: Optimal Design and Resilient OperationMasrur, H; Shafie-Khah, M; Hossain, MJ; Senjyu, T
2022-08-01Integrated multi-stage and multi-zone distribution network expansion planning with renewable energy sources and hydrogen refuelling stations for fuel cell vehiclesTabandeh, A; Hossain, MJ; Li, L
2022-04-01Active distribution system resilience quantification and enhancement through multi-microgrid and mobile energy storageMishra, DK; Ghadi, MJ; Li, L; Zhang, J; Hossain, MJ
2022-03-31Peripheral Neuropathy Phenotyping in Rat Models of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Evaluating Uptake of the Neurodiab Guidelines and Identifying Future DirectionsHossain, MJ; Kendig, MD; Letton, ME; Morris, MJ; Arnold, R
2022-03-01A hybrid wind driven-based fruit fly optimization algorithm for identifying the parameters of a double-diode photovoltaic cell model considering degradation effectsIbrahim, IA; Hossain, MJ; Duck, BC
2022-01-15A two-stage multi-objective stochastic optimization strategy to minimize cost for electric bus depot operatorsRafique, S; Nizami, MSH; Irshad, UB; Hossain, MJ; Mukhopadhyay, SC
2022-01-15Resilient control based frequency regulation scheme of isolated microgrids considering cyber attack and parameter uncertaintiesMishra, DK; Ray, PK; Li, L; Zhang, J; Hossain, MJ; Mohanty, A
2022-01-01A Comparative study on state of charge estimation techniques for Lithium-ion BatteriesAryal, A; Hossain, MJ; Khalilpour, K
2022-01-01Bidirectional Power Sharing of Modular DABs to Improve Voltage Stability in DC MicrogridsDas, D; Hossain, MJ; Mishra, S; Singh, B
2022-01-01A Hybrid Excited Switched Reluctance Motor for Torque Enhancement Without Permanent Magnet Behavior in Electric Vehicle ApplicationsAbhijith, V; Hossain, MJ; Lei, G; Sreelekha, PA
2021-12-17Performance Improvement of Switched Reluctance Motor Using Hybrid Excitation Method Without Permanent MagnetsAbhijith, V; Hossain, MJ; Lei, G; A S, P