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Nov-2017Patient Preferences for Outcomes After Kidney Transplantation: A Best-Worst Scaling Survey.Howell, M; Wong, G; Rose, J; Tong, A; Craig, JC; Howard, K
7-Feb-2017Integrated solutions for sustainable fall prevention in primary care, the iSOLVE project: a type 2 hybrid effectiveness-implementation design.Clemson, L; Mackenzie, L; Roberts, C; Poulos, R; Tan, A; Lovarini, M; Sherrington, C; Simpson, JM; Willis, K; Lam, M; Tiedemann, A; Pond, D; Peiris, D; Hilmer, S; Pit, SW; Howard, K; Lovitt, L; White, F
1-Jun-2016Effect of affordable technology on physical activity levels and mobility outcomes in rehabilitation: A protocol for the Activity and MObility UsiNg Technology (AMOUNT) rehabilitation trialHassett, L; Van Den Berg, M; Lindley, RI; Crotty, M; McCluskey, A; Van Der Ploeg, HP; Smith, ST; Schurr, K; Killington, M; Bongers, B; Howard, K; Heritier, S; Togher, L; Hackett, M; Treacy, D; Dorsch, S; Wong, S; Scrivener, K; Chagpar, S; Weber, H; Pearson, R; Sherrington, C
May-2016Preferences for Policy Options for Deceased Organ Donation for Transplantation: A Discrete Choice Experiment.Howard, K; Jan, S; Rose, JM; Wong, G; Craig, JC; Irving, M; Tong, A; Chadban, S; Allen, RD; Cass, A
25-Jan-2016Eliciting patient preferences, priorities and trade-offs for outcomes following kidney transplantation: a pilot best-worst scaling survey.Howell, M; Wong, G; Rose, J; Tong, A; Craig, JC; Howard, K
Dec-2015Predictors of Adherence to a Falls Prevention Exercise Program for People with Parkinson's DiseaseAllen, N; Song, J; Paul, S; Sherrington, C; Murray, S; O'Rourke, S; Lord, S; Fung, V; Close, J; Howard, K; Canning, C
1-May-2015Patient preferences for a Polypill for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.Laba, TL; Howard, K; Rose, J; Peiris, D; Redfern, J; Usherwood, T; Cass, A; Patel, A; Jan, S
Mar-2015Community preferences for the allocation of donor organs for transplantation: a discrete choice study.Howard, K; Jan, S; Rose, JM; Wong, G; Irving, M; Tong, A; Craig, JC; Chadban, S; Allen, RD; Cass, A
20-Jan-2015Exercise for falls prevention in Parkinson disease: a randomized controlled trial.Canning, CG; Sherrington, C; Lord, SR; Close, JCT; Heritier, S; Heller, GZ; Howard, K; Allen, NE; Latt, MD; Murray, SM; O'Rourke, SD; Paul, SS; Song, J; Fung, VSC
1-Jan-2015Eliciting older people's preferences for exercise programs: a best-worst scaling choice experiment.Franco, MR; Howard, K; Sherrington, C; Ferreira, PH; Rose, J; Gomes, JL; Ferreira, ML
1-Jun-2014What factors influence people's decisions to register for an organ donation? The results of a nominal group study.Irving, MJ; Jan, S; Tong, A; Wong, G; Craig, JC; Chadban, S; Rose, J; Cass, A; Allen, R; Howard, K
6-Sep-2013Community preferences for the allocation of deceased donor organs for transplantation: a focus group study.Irving, MJ; Tong, A; Jan, S; Wong, G; Cass, A; Chadban, S; Allen, R; Craig, JC; Rose, J; Howard, K
19-Mar-2013How big does the effect of an intervention have to be? Application of two novel methods to determine the smallest worthwhile effect of a fall prevention programme: A study protocolFranco, MR; Ferreira, ML; Howard, K; Sherrington, C; Rose, J; Haines, TP; Ferreira, P
1-Jan-2013Community preferences for the allocation of donor organs for transplantation.Howard, K; Jan, S; Rose, J; Irving, M; Wong, G; Tong, A; Craig, JC; Chadban, S; Allen, R; Cass, A
Jul-2012Dialysis modality preference of patients with CKD and family caregivers: a discrete-choice study.Morton, RL; Snelling, P; Webster, AC; Rose, J; Masterson, R; Johnson, DW; Howard, K
30-May-2012Factors that influence the decision to be an organ donor: A systematic review of the qualitative literature.Irving, MJ; Tong, A; Jan, S; Cass, A; Rose, J; Chadban, S; Allen, RD; Craig, JC; Wong, G; Howard, K
20-Mar-2012Factors influencing patient choice of dialysis versus conservative care for treatment of end-stage kidney disease.Morton, RL; Snelling, P; Webster, AC; Rose, J; Masterson, R; Johnson, DW; Howard, K
Jan-2012A systematic review and meta-analysis of utility-based quality of life in chronic kidney disease treatments.Wyld, M; Morton, RL; Hayen, A; Howard, K; Webster, AC
Dec-2011Optimizing the frequency of follow-up visits for patients treated for localized primary cutaneous melanoma.Turner, RM; Bell, KJL; Morton, RL; Hayen, A; Francken, AB; Howard, K; Armstrong, B; Thompson, JF; Irwig, L
Dec-2011Allocation decisions and patient preferences in emergency medicine.Arendts, G; Howard, K; Rose, JM