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1-Oct-2015Source Compression with a Quantum HelperHsieh, M; Watanabe, S
2015Fully quantum source compression with a quantum helperHsieh, M; Watanabe, S
Jan-2014When Do Local Operations and Classical Communication Suffice for Two-Qubit State Discrimination?Chitambar, EA; Duan, R; Hsieh, M
Jan-2014Entanglement-Assisted Quantum Turbo CodesWilde, MM; Hsieh, M; Babar, Z
2014A Complete MacWilliams Theorem for Convolutional CodesLai, CY; Hsieh, M; Lu, HF
Jan-2013Quantum Rate Distortion, Reverse Shannon Theorems, and Source-Channel SeparationDatta, N; Hsieh, M; Wilde, M
Jan-2013One-Shot Entanglement-Assisted Quantum and Classical CommunicationDatta, N; Hsieh, M
Jan-2013A smooth entropy approach to quantum hypothesis testing and the classical capacity of quantum channelsDatta, N; Mosonyi, M; Hsieh, M; Brandão, FG
Jan-2013Quantum-to-classical rate distortion codingDatta, N; Hsieh, M; Wilde, M; Winter, A
Jan-2013Damper Windings in Induction Machines for Reduction of Unbalanced Magnetic Pull and Bearing WearDorrell, DG; Shek, J; Mueller, M; Hsieh, M
Jan-2013Evaluation of Permanent Magnet Generator Manufactured Using Postassembly MagnetizationHsieh, M; Hsu, Y; Dorrell, DG; Chen, P
Jan-2013Magnetic Circuit Modeling of Brushless Doubly-Fed Machines With Induction and Reluctance RotorsHsieh, M; Lin, I; Dorrell, DG
Jan-2013Quantum Rate-Distortion Coding With Auxiliary ResourcesWilde, M; Datta, N; Hsieh, M; Winter, A
Jan-2012Public and private resource trade-offs for a quantum channelWilde, MM; Hsieh, M
Jan-2012The information-theoretic costs of simulating quantum measurementsWilde, M; Hayden, P; Buscemi, F; Hsieh, M
Jan-2012The quantum dynamic capacity formula of a quantum channelWilde, MM; Hsieh, M
Jan-2012Different Arrangements for Dual-Rotor Dual-Output Radial-Flux MotorsYeh, Y; Hsieh, M; Dorrell, DG
Jan-2012Winding Changeover Permanent-Magnet Generators for Renewable Energy ApplicationsHsieh, M; Hsu, F; Dorrell, DG
Jan-2012Alternative Rotor Designs for High Performance Brushless Permanent Magnet Machines for Hybrid Electric VehiclesDorrell, DG; Hsieh, M; Knight, AM
Jan-2012Development of a Wave Energy Converter Using a Two Chamber Oscillating Water ColumnHsieh, M; Lin, I; Dorrell, DG; Hsieh, M; Lin, C