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15-Aug-2018Construction and Performance of Quantum Burst Error Correction Codes for Correlated ErrorsFan, J; Hsieh, MH; Chen, H; Chen, H; Li, Y
31-Jan-2018Sphere-packing bound for classical-quantum channelsCheng, HC; Hsieh, MH; Tomamichel, M
1-Dec-2017Round complexity in the local transformations of quantum and classical statesChitambar, E; Hsieh, MH
1-Sep-2017Exponential decay of matrix Φ-entropies on Markov semigroups with applications to dynamical evolutions of quantum ensemblesCheng, HC; Hsieh, MH; Tomamichel, M
9-Aug-2017Sphere-packing bound for symmetric classical-quantum channelsCheng, HC; Hsieh, MH; Tomamichel, M
9-Aug-2017Moderate deviations for classical-quantum channelsCheng, HC; Hsieh, MH
9-Aug-2017Moderate deviations for quantum hypothesis testing and a martingale inequalityCheng, HC; Hsieh, MH
1-Nov-2016Channel Simulation and Coded Source CompressionHsieh, MH; Watanabe, S
1-Oct-2016Concavity of the Auxiliary Function for Classical-Quantum ChannelsCheng, HC; Hsieh, MH
1-Aug-2016On the MacWilliams Identity for Classical and Quantum Convolutional CodesLai, CY; Hsieh, MH; Lu, HF
8-Jul-2016Relating the Resource Theories of Entanglement and Quantum CoherenceChitambar, E; Hsieh, MH
1-May-2016The learnability of unknown quantum measurementsCheng, HC; Hsieh, MH; Yeh, PC
1-May-2016An upper bound on the second order asymptotic expansion for the quantum communication cost of state redistributionDatta, N; Hsieh, MH; Oppenheim, J
1-Apr-2016The private and public correlation cost of three random variables with collaborationChitambar, E; Hsieh, MH; Winter, A
1-Mar-2016Characterizations of matrix and operator-valued Φ-entropies, and operator Efron-Stein inequalitiesCheng, HC; Hsieh, MH
17-Dec-2015Fully quantum source compression with a quantum helperHsieh, MH; Watanabe, S
5-Nov-2015Passive PT -symmetric couplers without complex optical potentialsLee, YC; Liu, J; Chuang, YL; Hsieh, MH; Lee, RK
28-Sep-2015Source compression with a quantum helperHsieh, MH; Watanabe, S
27-Aug-2015Classical Analog to Entanglement ReversibilityChitambar, E; Fortescue, B; Hsieh, MH
13-Jul-2015Compatibility of state assignments and pooling of informationBrun, TA; Hsieh, MH; Perry, C