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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024-03-25Towards Model Extraction Attacks in GAN-Based Image Translation via Domain Shift MitigationMi, D; Zhang, Y; Zhang, LY; Hu, S; Zhong, Q; Yuan, H; Pan, S
2023-11-15RIS-Assisted Jamming Rejection and Path Planning for UAV-Borne IoT Platform: A New Deep Reinforcement Learning FrameworkHu, S; Yuan, X; Ni, W; Wang, X; Jamalipour, A
2023-09-01Visual Camouflage and Online Trajectory Planning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Disguised Video Surveillance: Recent Advances and a Case StudyHu, S; Yuan, X; Ni, W; Wang, X; Jamalipour, A
2023-07-10Masked Language Model Based Textual Adversarial Example DetectionZhang, X; Zhang, Z; Zhong, Q; Zheng, X; Zhang, Y; Hu, S; Zhang, LY
2023-06-01A comprehensive survey on applications of AI technologies to failure analysis of industrial systemsBi, S; Wang, C; Wu, B; Hu, S; Huang, W; Ni, W; Gong, Y; Wang, X
2023-03-01Joint User, Channel, Modulation-Coding Selection, and RIS Configuration for Jamming Resistance in Multiuser OFDMA SystemsYuan, X; Hu, S; Ni, W; Liu, RP; Wang, X
2023-01-01Combining Federated Learning and Edge Computing Toward Ubiquitous Intelligence in 6G Network: Challenges, Recent Advances, and Future DirectionsDuan, Q; Huang, J; Hu, S; Deng, R; Lu, Z; Yu, S
2023-01-01Deep Reinforcement Learning-Driven Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface-Assisted Radio Surveillance With a Fixed-Wing UAVYuan, X; Hu, S; Ni, W; Wang, X; Jamalipour, A
2022-11-15Guest Editorial Special Issue on Security, Privacy, and Trustworthiness in Intelligent Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of ThingsHu, S; Yu, S; Li, H; Piuri, V
2022-09-01Lattice strain and band overlap of the thermoelectric composite Mg2Si1-xSnxYao, W; Hu, S; Jia, F; Reimers, JR; Wang, Y; Singh, DJ; Ren, W
2022-09-01Trajectory Planning of Cellular-Connected UAV for Communication-Assisted Radar SensingHu, S; Yuan, X; Ni, W; Wang, X
2022-05-01Disguised Tailing and Video Surveillance with Solar-Powered Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aerial VehicleHu, S; Ni, W; Wang, X; Jamalipour, A
2022-02The effectiveness of a co-management care model on older hip fracture patients in China - A multicentre non-randomised controlled study.Zhang, J; Yang, M; Zhang, X; He, J; Wen, L; Wang, X; Shi, Z; Hu, S; Sun, F; Gong, Z; Sun, M; Li, Q; Peng, K; Ye, P; Ma, R; Zhu, S; Wu, X; Webster, RJ; Ivers, RQ; Tian, M
2022-01-01IPANM: Incentive Public Auditing Scheme for Non-Manager Groups in CloudsHuang, L; Zhou, J; Zhang, G; Sun, J; Wei, T; Yu, S; Hu, S
2021-10-26Determinants of expression of SARS-CoV-2 entry-related genes in upper and lower airways.Aliee, H; Massip, F; Qi, C; Stella de Biase, M; van Nijnatten, J; Kersten, ETG; Kermani, NZ; Khuder, B; Vonk, JM; Vermeulen, RCH; U-BIOPRED study group,; Cambridge Lung Cancer Early Detection Programme,; INER-Ciencias Mexican Lung Program,; Neighbors, M; Tew, GW; Grimbaldeston, MA; Ten Hacken, NHT; Hu, S; Guo, Y; Zhang, X; Sun, K; Hiemstra, PS; Ponder, BA; Mäkelä, MJ; Malmström, K; Rintoul, RC; Reyfman, PA; Theis, FJ; Brandsma, C-A; Adcock, IM; Timens, W; Xu, C-J; van den Berge, M; Schwarz, RF; Koppelman, GH; Nawijn, MC; Faiz, A
2021-07-01Distributed machine learning for wireless communication networks: Techniques, architectures, and applicationsHu, S; Chen, X; Ni, W; Hossain, E; Wang, X
2021-01-01Transformer Based Multi-Agent FrameworkHu, S; Zhu, F; Chang, X; Liang, X
2021-01-01Joint Optimization of Trajectory, Propulsion, and Thrust Powers for Covert UAV-on-UAV Video Tracking and SurveillanceHu, S; Ni, W; Wang, X; Jamalipour, A; Ta, D
2020-06-01Modeling and Analysis of Energy Harvesting and Smart Grid-Powered Wireless Communication Networks: A Contemporary SurveyHu, S; Chen, X; Ni, W; Wang, X; Hossain, E
2020-04-03Risk Prediction and Assessment: Duration, Infections, and Death Toll of the COVID-19 and Its Impact on China’s EconomyYue, X-G; Shao, X-F; Li, RYM; Crabbe, MJC; Mi, L; Hu, S; Baker, JS; Liu, L; Dong, K