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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-07-07Cultures of Success: How elite students develop and realise aspirations to study MedicineHo, C; Hu, W; Griffin, B
2022-01-01Signed Network Representation by Preserving Multi-order Signed ProximityXu, P; Hu, W; Wu, J; Liu, W; Yang, Y; Yu, P
2021-11-01Wideband Multimode Filtering Circular Patch AntennaLiu, P; Jiang, W; Hu, W; Sun, SY; Gong, SX
2021-10Seroprevalence of hepatitis B antibodies among international and domestic university students.Heywood, A; Dyda, A; Hu, W; Saha, A; Mahimbo, A; Gidding, H; Kefalas, B; Seale, H; Macintyre, CR; Zwar, N; Rawlinson, W
2021-10Enhancing Graph Neural Networks by a High-quality Aggregation of Beneficial Information.Liu, C; Wu, J; Liu, W; Hu, W
2021-05-01Gate-ID: WiFi-Based Human Identification Irrespective of Walking Directions in Smart HomeZhang, J; Wei, B; Wu, F; Dong, L; Hu, W; Kanhere, SS; Luo, C; Yu, S; Cheng, J
2021-01-01Opinion maximization in social trust networksXu, P; Hu, W; Wu, J; Liu, W
2020-08-10Highly Doped Upconversion Nanoparticles for In Vivo Applications Under Mild Excitation Power.Li, D; Wen, S; Kong, M; Liu, Y; Hu, W; Shi, B; Shi, X; Jin, D
2020-06-24Break or stay in prior interantionalization portfolio? The impacts of negative performance gap and top management team’s experience on new country entries.Li, W; Guo, B; Gu, J; Hu, W
2020-05-25Robust adaptive backstepping sliding mode control for motion mode decoupling of two-axle vehicles with active kinetic dynamic suspension systemsHu, W; Ding, F; Zhang, J; Zhang, B; Zhang, N; Qin, A
2020-02-15PGFIT: Static permission analysis of health and fitness apps in IoT programming frameworksNobakht, M; Sui, Y; Seneviratne, A; Hu, W
2018-09-05Permission Analysis of Health and Fitness Apps in IoT Programming FrameworksNobakht, M; Sui, Y; Seneviratne, A; Hu, W
2018-02-01Dinoflagellate cyst abundance is positively correlated to sediment organic carbon in Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay, NSW, AustraliaTian, C; Doblin, MA; Dafforn, KA; Johnston, EL; Pei, H; Hu, W
2018-01-01A Scoping Review of Qualitative Research Methods Used With People in PrisonAbbott, P; DiGiacomo, M; Magin, P; Hu, W
2018-01-01Self-representative manifold concept factorization with adaptive neighbors for clusteringMa, S; Zhang, L; Hu, W; Zhang, Y; Wu, J; Li, X
2018-01-01Co-teaching: Robust Training of Deep Neural Networks with Extremely Noisy LabelsHan, B; Yao, Q; Yu, X; Niu, G; Xu, M; Hu, W; Tsang, IW; Sugiyama, M; Bengio, S; Wallach, H; Larochelle, H; Grauman, K; CesaBianchi, N; Garnett, R
2018-01-01Co-teaching: Robust training of deep neural networks with extremely noisy labelsHan, B; Yao, Q; Yu, X; Niu, G; Xu, M; Hu, W; Tsang, IW; Sugiyama, M
2017-10-01Accelerometer and Fuzzy Vault-Based Secure Group Key Generation and Sharing Protocol for Smart WearablesRevadigar, G; Javali, C; Xu, W; Vasilakos, AV; Hu, W; Jha, S
2017-03-28Investigation of the Influence of an Hydraulically Interconnected Suspension (HIS) on Steady-State CorneringZhang, B; Tian, K; Hu, W; Zhang, J; Zhang, N
2017-03-01Real-time traffic jams prediction inspired by Biham, Middleton and Levine (BML) modelHu, W; Yan, L; Wang, H; Du, B; Tao, D