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2023-12-21Patterns and Correlates of Participation in a Weekly Mass Participation Physical Activity Event, parkrun, in Australia, 2011-2020.Grunseit, AC; Huang, B-H; Merom, D; Bauman, A; Cranney, L; Rogers, K
2023-03-02Influence of poor sleep on cardiovascular disease-free life expectancy: a multi-resource-based population cohort study.Huang, B-H; Del Pozo Cruz, B; Teixeira-Pinto, A; Cistulli, PA; Stamatakis, E
2023Combinations of Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior, and Sleep and Their Associations With Physical, Psychological, and Educational Outcomes in Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Review.Wilhite, K; Booker, B; Huang, B-H; Antczak, D; Corbett, L; Parker, P; Noetel, M; Rissel, C; Lonsdale, C; Del Pozo Cruz, B; Sanders, T
2023Joint association of alcohol consumption and adiposity with alcohol- and obesity-related cancer in a population sample of 399,575 UK adults.Inan-Eroglu, E; Huang, B-H; Sarich, P; Nassar, N; Stamatakis, E
2022-11-16Joint associations of social health and movement behaviours with mortality and cardiovascular disease: an analysis of 497,544 UK biobank participants.Manera, KE; Stamatakis, E; Huang, B-H; Owen, K; Phongsavan, P; Smith, BJ
2022-09-21Alcohol Consumption and Adiposity: A Longitudinal Analysis of 45,399 UK Biobank Participants.Inan-Eroglu, E; Huang, B-H; Hamer, M; Britton, A; Stamatakis, E
2022-09-16Bidirectional associations of sleep and discretionary screen time in adults: Longitudinal analysis of the UK biobank.Sampasa-Kanyinga, H; Chaput, J-P; Huang, B-H; Duncan, MJ; Hamer, M; Stamatakis, E
2022-07-29Effects of 6-Week Betaine Supplementation on Muscular Performance in Male Collegiate Athletes.Yang, M-T; Lin, H-W; Chuang, C-Y; Wang, Y-C; Huang, B-H; Chan, K-H
2022-06Influence and effects of weight stigmatisation in media: A systematic.Kite, J; Huang, B-H; Laird, Y; Grunseit, A; McGill, B; Williams, K; Bellew, B; Thomas, M
2022-04Alcohol intake and mortality risk of COVID-19, pneumonia, and other infectious diseases: An analysis of 437191 UK biobank participants.Huang, B-H; Inan-Eroglu, E; Shaban, RZ; Hamer, M; Britton, A; Stamatakis, E
2022-04Alcohol intake and mortality risk of COVID-19, pneumonia, and other infectious diseases: An analysis of 437191 UK biobank participants.Huang, B-H; Inan-Eroglu, E; Shaban, RZ; Hamer, M; Britton, A; Stamatakis, E
2022-03-15Prospective Associations of Accelerometer-Assessed Physical Activity With Mortality and Incidence of Cardiovascular Disease Among Adults With Hypertension: The UK Biobank Study.Del Pozo Cruz, B; Ahmadi, M; Inan-Eroglu, E; Huang, B-H; Stamatakis, E
2022-01-01Sleep and physical activity in relation to all-cause, cardiovascular disease and cancer mortality risk.Huang, B-H; Duncan, MJ; Cistulli, PA; Nassar, N; Hamer, M; Stamatakis, E
2022-01-01Can physical activity eliminate the mortality risk associated with poor sleep? A 15-year follow-up of 341,248 MJ Cohort participants.Chen, L-J; Hamer, M; Lai, Y-J; Huang, B-H; Ku, P-W; Stamatakis, E
2022-01Joint associations of adiposity and alcohol consumption with liver disease-related morbidity and mortality risk: findings from the UK Biobank.Inan-Eroglu, E; Huang, B-H; Ahmadi, MN; Johnson, N; El-Omar, EM; Stamatakis, E
2021-08Lifestyle risk factors and infectious disease mortality, including COVID-19, among middle aged and older adults: Evidence from a community-based cohort study in the United Kingdom.Ahmadi, MN; Huang, B-H; Inan-Eroglu, E; Hamer, M; Stamatakis, E
2021-03-01Comparison of a Thigh-Worn Accelerometer Algorithm With Diary Estimates of Time in Bed and Time Asleep: The 1970 British Cohort StudyInan-Eroglu, E; Huang, B-H; Shepherd, L; Pearson, N; Koster, A; Palm, P; Cistulli, PA; Hamer, M; Stamatakis, E
2021-02The bidirectional association between sleep and physical activity: A 6.9 years longitudinal analysis of 38,601 UK Biobank participants.Huang, B-H; Hamer, M; Duncan, MJ; Cistulli, PA; Stamatakis, E
2021-01Untapping the Health Enhancing Potential of Vigorous Intermittent Lifestyle Physical Activity (VILPA): Rationale, Scoping Review, and a 4-Pillar Research Framework.Stamatakis, E; Huang, B-H; Maher, C; Th√łgersen-Ntoumani, C; Stathi, A; Dempsey, PC; Johnson, N; Holtermann, A; Chau, JY; Sherrington, C; Daley, AJ; Hamer, M; Murphy, MH; Tudor-Locke, C; Gibala, MJ
2020-12Joint associations of device-measured physical activity and sleep duration with cardiometabolic health in the 1970 British Cohort Study.Huang, B-H; Inan-Eroglu, E; Hamer, M; Stamatakis, E